TACC & AP disappeared this morning

TACC & AP disappeared this morning

Yup. Gone. Rear camera black too. Of course I rebooted. Camera returned. No TACC or AP. Disabled & re-enabled. Nothing.

Any ideas?

lordmiller | May 13, 2019

That happened to me this weekend too. Camera was fine but TACC and autosteer were gone almost all day. Must be new bug.

CharleyBC | May 13, 2019

Did this happen immediately upon installing a new release? Or did it sort of happen randomly, as far as you can tell?

jjgunn | May 13, 2019

Nope. 2019.12.1.2

Nothing new installed -- was on freeway all of a sudden cruise unavailable & of course Auto-Steer vanished.

AP still listed in controls. Disabled -- reboot -- re-enable. Still nothing.

aasandsas | May 13, 2019

I had similar issue with last upgrade. Restarted and worked fine.

gieseker | May 13, 2019

Same issue, AP and Cruise gone despite AP showing in the menu. No SW update and resets have not helped. Mine quit working on Friday.

gieseker | May 13, 2019

I just thought about this, I recently enabled Teslafi and added the Tesla Remote app for Watch control. I disabled both and will try another reset, we will see if it helps.

Anyone else with this issue have Teslafi or Tesla Remote?

jjgunn | May 13, 2019

No TeslaFi & no Tesla remote.

james.s.sherman | May 13, 2019

Mine disappeared today as well. Granted I was still on trial but I had a little over 2 weeks left

gieseker | May 13, 2019

The Teslafi and Tesla Remote may be related or may not be, but they could be waking the car up or pulling data preventing a true reset or power down.

Anyhow, what I did was delete my Teslafi account, logged out of my Tesla Remote app (closed the app as well) and closed the normal Tesla app. That way nothing was trying to talk to the car remotely. I then powered off the car (in Safety and Security screen), did not try to lock it and left it for 40 minutes.

Cruise and AP are back after being non operational for 3 days.

charles.a.braun | May 13, 2019

Happened to me 2 weeks ago. Both magically came back the next day.

ShaunyD | May 13, 2019

Happened to me a couple of weeks ago right after the 12.1.2 update. AP has not returned and no response from Tesla support. I have a service appointment next week for a bunch of stuff including this. I'll let you know what they say.

jjgunn | May 13, 2019

So interestingly enough guess what returned after 5 PM PDT?

AP & TACC have returned. Something was going on.

I did 2 power-offs & 3 reboots throughout the day.

Now we all know Tesla can flip this on & off immediately if necessary.

teddy.tseng | May 13, 2019

When I went to work this morning was ok after I left work autopilot disappeared. Power off, hard reboot and soft reboot several times fix nothing

teddy.tseng | May 13, 2019

Can Tesla really turn the autopilot on and off remotely?

jjgunn | May 13, 2019

I don't think there is any question after today.

The AutoPilot option is still listed in controls but it does nothing. No lanes shown for the road, no TACC & of course No AP.

Glad it's back but will keep everyone posted if it disappears again.

teddy.tseng | May 13, 2019

Mine still not showing up, no lanes but have autopilot option

Brian | May 13, 2019

I had this happen to me twice today. The first time was bad though. I was in stop in go traffic, and had just come to a complete stop. All of a sudden, the car started beeping, a big red steering wheel came up and said to take over immediately. The car went into park and the hazard warning lights went on. All while in the second lane. I lost TACC and EAP.. I put it in Drive, and the hazards went off by themselves....I think. Pretty sure I rebooted the display, TACC and EAP came back eventually. This afternoon, I had to bounce the display again, because streaming music kept stopping, then would only play about 1 or 2 seconds before going to the next song. When the display came back up, it was on a different station. One that I had it on earlier. Then this evening, driving along, I got the warnings, and lost TACC and EAP. They came back later.
In the morning, I didn't submit a bug report. Since I was stopped on the highway/freeway, I thought that maybe I had just not seen the display telling me to move the wheel since I was just sitting there. Tonight, I did submit one.

I lost them before, and getting out of the car and starting another "trip", reset them.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

teddy.tseng | May 13, 2019

After reading all these, looks like people’s issues got back but mine still remains even after several reboot

jjgunn | May 14, 2019

@teddy - if it's still not there try going to safety & security & power off the car then leave it alone for 60 minutes. No app No TeslaFi don't go near it -- nothing. See if it returns

teddy.tseng | May 14, 2019

It’s back online this morning, I think my car went to sleep model for overnight, not sure what’s going on the software fix by itself?

Mike UpNorth | May 14, 2019

I'm just curious about this....When your TACC and AP go missing...Does your app also remove Summon? And if you log in online - does it show you can buy AP as if you didn't already purchase it?
Just wondering if when you lose these features if all of your accounts sync that you don't have it.

jjgunn | May 14, 2019

First thing I checked was my account online to see if AP was still listed on the car. It was.

Summon? Can't verify as I didn't purchase FSD on the P3D.

Just glad everything is back to normal today.

-TheJohn- | May 14, 2019

This has been happening to folks in a seeming random fashion with the 12.1.1 and .2 updates. I think I've seen at least 10 people complain/notice it's happening to them. I've had it twice so far.
It also removes all the lane lines on your screen next to your car and all of the radar/ultrasonic images of the cars around you. My two experiences were a bit different in that one time it lasted for nearly a day and the other time it was only an hour or two.
It's definitely a first world problem and I bet they'll get on top of it. You're not crazy though!

AWC1014 | May 14, 2019

This has happened to me a couple of times and “resets” don’t fix it. It seems the car has to go to sleep and that fixes it. It’d be nice if there was a way to force the car to sleep #TeslaSleeperHold as that seems to fix most of the “issues” I’ve had with the car.

-TheJohn- | May 14, 2019

Resets definitely don't fix it. I had the Hmm Maybe it Needs to go to Sleep theory but I've seen it fix itself mid drive so I had to discard that hypothesis. I liked that hypothesis too, was hard to let go of!

ShaunyD | May 14, 2019

Tesla responded to me today via email....

"After reviewing your email, I understand you had 18 days of Autopilot left before you noticed that it disappeared on you. Our team is aware that some trials have ended early than anticipated. We are actively working on a fix for some issues affecting the autopilot trials. Once resolved, a new trial will be sent to owners whose trials ended early. (Note: No details have been announced regarding the duration or features of the trial)"

Ocala.Joe | May 15, 2019

@ShaunyD thanks for that, I had a 60 day trial and mine went away after the new update as well, I had 29 days left on my trial.
Not complaining as it was nice to try out as long as I had it, I noticed it improving as the car was learning traffic movements.

danwassink | May 15, 2019

I am having the same issue. Was fine yesterday. Woke up this morning for a 10 hour road trip, and no cruise, autopilot, or cameras. Powered off, reset several times. I read in another forum it could be due to a corrupt flash drive. I have since removed that, Same thing. I’m hoping it comes back before the drive home. I did setup an appt with Tesla. I’ll post if anything changes... and watch if anyone has any suggestions or solutions. :)

jjgunn | May 15, 2019

This happened again briefly this morning.

Rear facing Camera goes black.
AP & TACC disappeared.

Happened during a drive on city streets & didn't have either enabled.

I simply waited about 5 minutes & everything returned during my drive.

Definitely a firmware bug.

lordmiller | May 15, 2019

"jjgunn | May 13, 2019
Nope. 2019.12.1.2
Nothing new installed -- was on freeway all of a sudden cruise unavailable & of course Auto-Steer vanished."

Exactly how it happened to me, then it came back after 5 minutes.

neylus | May 15, 2019

Mine started doing this on latest software update 12.1.2 about 2 weeks ago. Happens everyday. I have posted this in several recent threads just like this one...

jjgunn | May 15, 2019

Update.....Tesla Mobile Service is coming to see me tomorrow morning.

They sent me a firmware update right now. I will install it & let everyone know if it helps.

jjgunn | May 16, 2019

The "firmware update" was the same version.

I'll let you know what Mobile Service says.

AWC1014 | May 16, 2019

This has happened to me before two multi hour drives and did not return during the drive, after “resets” or even when stopping for a few minutes with the car unoccupied. Only “sleep” for the car has fixed it in my case.

jjgunn | May 16, 2019

Tesla Mobile came over & re-calibrated everything. Verified all hardware & software is optimal.

Found out (didn't realize this) all the cameras are now working as of firmware 2019.12.1.x -- thought that happened sooner.

2019.16.x.x should be rolling out "soon"

Power off car & leave it alone for at least an hour. Everything seems to return.

danwassink | May 19, 2019

I read in a forum that the car does diagnostics upon waking up form a sleep. If it finds anything wrong, it shuts everything down. This is what happened to me. Reset did not fix it. What did? Letting the car go to sleep. Then when it woke up, it did another diagnostic, and all was OK. My cameras, cruise, and Autopilot came back. I had a few third-party apps connected to my car, so I changed my Tesla password to disconnect them. The car was then able to sleep. Now I can’t say it’s is for sure what happened, but I tried everything, including resetting and powering off. Nothing worked, until I changed the password. Could be coincidence, but if you are having the same issue, give it a shot. It may work for you too.

Autom≡lon | May 22, 2019

This happened to me yesterday as well. I followed @danwassink advice about letting the car go to deep sleep in order to trigger the startup diagnostic. This meant changing the password to prevent 3rd party apps from keeping the car awake, disabling sentry mode, disabling cabin overheat (if it's hot out), and disabling wifi connections. Got out of the car, wiped the cameras down, and returned a few hours later (3 hours) during my lunch break. Started a drive, allowed the cameras to recalibrate like it had to do so when I first got the car (about a mile), and everything returned to normal. TACC, Autosteer, and Auto Headlights all returned.

I suspect that there was some debris and/or pollen dust covering the cameras when the last diagnostic
ran yesterday morning. I'll be sure to wipe down the cameras before I let the car go to sleep in the evening from now on.

firebay2001 | May 22, 2019

This happened to me yesterday. So far nothing has returned. I guess I'll try the power down option. Make service appt just in case. Anyone else have some additional information?

Mikael13 | May 22, 2019

Happened to me while picking up mother-in-law from airport tonight. Yeah I know. She’s cool though.

Anyways, I was on I-80 with AP on an nagging the wheel a few times. All of a sudden, I hear dings and then a big red wheel on my screen, and cruise was not available. My wife and I wondered what happened so i just soft rebooted while driving. Problem solved. I’m on 2018.12.1.2.

nhberrics | May 24, 2019

Bought autopilot 5/23, used it for the day, got whatever software update at night 2019.16.? And 5/24 woke up to new graphic display for car, auto beams on, but not working, no tacc, road lines, other cars, speed signs etc. no ap icon. Cruise unavailable message when stalk pressed. Multiple reboots w/ brake pedal, powered off for a few minutes multiple times. No luck. Powered off now for an hour + to try that. Tesla chat said it is a bad sensor and to schedule appointment so I did for 5/28 just in case. Seems more like fleetwide issue from software.

nhberrics | May 24, 2019

Plugged in home charger, powered off car for about 1.5-2 hours. Closed Tesla app. Got in car and was back to normal. Looks like Tesla chat guy was wrong maybe didn’t need service or new sensor. | May 25, 2019

One thing I notice is that, several time I cross a full metal bridge, for some reasons I get beep and lose all auto steering and ap w red beep, at random point of that bridge. If I try to reengage anyway, sometimes it says « reduced radar capability «  or something along the line. Then after the bridge, at some point, randomly, the feature comes back.