Idiots keying a Tesla on Sentry Mode is blowing up!

Idiots keying a Tesla on Sentry Mode is blowing up!

People like this make me sick. So glad this is getting picked up by national media. I love how they say "Gas Guzzler" too haha

Magic 8 Ball | May 15, 2019

I don't think those guys will be smiling when they see themselves going viral doing that.

gmkellogg | May 15, 2019

Judging by their demeanor, I'm sure they'll wear it like a badge of honor.

Magic 8 Ball | May 15, 2019

With all this cam stuff I wanna see Bigfoot!

Magic 8 Ball | May 15, 2019

They will be flushed out and pay consequences, bank on it.

Effopec | May 15, 2019

Yeah, I read that this aired on the local news there in Sacramento. I'm sure someone saw it that could easily name the perps.

Joshan | May 15, 2019

They blurred their faces I thought.

Mikael13 | May 15, 2019

I really hope they catch these a-holes. I live 20 minutes away from Sac and I (unfortunately) never take my M3 there anymore because of this. I get the stares from guys with lifted pick ups. Just can’t take the risk especially after seeing videos of jerks eye-ing my car. My wife insisted as well especially after the 1st video a few months ago when a M3 was broken into at a movie theatre parking. I stay away from places where there’s a high percentage of lifted pick ups with confederate flags as well!

M3phan | May 15, 2019

When I saw that I wanted to kick the shiplap out of them.

gmkellogg | May 15, 2019

Yeah I don't get it. It'd be one thing if the Tesla owner had been rude or said something to him (which could have happened), but there's no good reason to randomly ruin someone's property. Sign of the times we live in I guess.

M3phan | May 15, 2019

I absolutely LOVE that this went viral since it’ll spread the word on sentry mode and hopefully reduce this stupidity.
Did I mention I want to kick the shiplap outta these sphincters?

SteveWin1 | May 15, 2019

Too bad there isn't a gofundme that I could donate to to provide a reward to these losers' friends and family for turning them in.

CharleyBC | May 15, 2019

I live in Sacramento, as does our Model 3. From the background, I can tell where this happened (Old Sac--sort of tourist area). Unfortunately, I do not recognize the jerks in question.

It's a little ironic that Tesla owners can't get even--we don't carry keys. Not that we would. We are higher life forms.

TM3Q | May 15, 2019

That’s another good reason why next month my M3 will be completely wrapped :-)

Joshan | May 15, 2019

would the keying ruin your wrap and the paint underneith costing even more?

CharleyBC | May 15, 2019

I'm waiting for Force Field Mode. That'll solve keying and break-ins. Next software update.

TabascoGuy | May 15, 2019

@CharleyBC +1

Even better yet, the following update will have Transporter Mode. You can beam the perps out to BFE or directly to the county jail.

TM3Q | May 15, 2019


No it’s the self regen wrap so the keying will not show

rxlawdude | May 15, 2019

It's good, but not that good, @RM3Q.

TM3Q | May 15, 2019


Yes it has it’s limit but I will get 10 years waranty :-)

I choose the glossy finish so next month I will post the pictured

cmh95628 | May 15, 2019

Looks like old Sac to me too. Don't recognize the A**holes.

WantMY | May 15, 2019

Next Time these jerks would break the glass and pull the USB drive out, so not going to end/stop those folks.

charles.a.ritchie | May 15, 2019

One of the local network affiliates ran the story but blurred the faces. I sent them an email asking them to rerun the story with the faces not blurred and asking the public to help identify the individuals in question. Otherwise they are enabling this kind of behavior. We‘ll see if they follow up.

TM3Q | May 15, 2019

There’s enough evidence to recognize theses 2 genius haha, location, their car, their faces and possibility of other security videos from the that location...easy for cops to find them, I bet they will turn themselves in pretty fast as soon as they contact a lawyer :-)

Magic 8 Ball | May 15, 2019

Actually it looks like only one committed vandalism while the other "accidentally" bang the door into the TESLA. Will friends stay friends or will one rat the other out.

Stay tuned...........................

dgstan | May 15, 2019

Really, we should set up a reward fund like Steve said. One of their dirtbag friends would certainly turn them in for a pack of smokes and a tall OE400.

calvin940 | May 15, 2019

I'll pitch in $100 to that fund.

Hal Fisher | May 16, 2019

Super jerks. They notice a scratch on their truck but incapable of even checking if the teslas door would line up with the scratch in the first place. Then, after keying they bounce their dented door against the tesla, proving they don’t really give a crap about the truck. Two, very small minds, showing how much they need each other.

neylus | May 16, 2019

You can clearly see as he's backing out that the truck is scratched and dinged up already. Strange behavior, I'm guessing they're coked up.

Bighorn | May 16, 2019

Or reefer madness.

jimglas | May 16, 2019

meth is the drug of choice

Bighorn | May 16, 2019

Agreed--I was joining in on Throwback Thursday:)

lbowroom | May 16, 2019

MarketWatch picked it up and is running it with clear faces

rkalbiarEV | May 16, 2019


billlake2000 | May 16, 2019

I hope a dedicated forum user will post when these guys get caught.

Tropopause | May 16, 2019

C'mon Elon, get that Pick-up truck out so these truckers can get on board with the mission.

Madatgascar | May 17, 2019

Seriously, let’s set up a Gofundme for reward money. I’ll post $500. Sacramento folks, esp the owner, it would help to have a positive ID of the location.

Let’s set an example and make it repeatable. Sentry doesn’t work without enforcement, and that’s going to have to be by all of us. Neither Tesla nor the police or owner will have the resources.

SteveWin1 | May 17, 2019

I'm on board. If I had more free time, I'd make a website to do this. isn't taken yet! Would be cool if people could post their videos on a website and put a bounty on the person who did it and others could contribute to the bounty as well. Hopefully that would help stop stuff like this from happening. Problem is, how do you collect the money, how do you hold the money, who decides who gets the bounty?

TM3Q | May 17, 2019

They will get caught same way that lady got arrested for keying a Tesla! There’s too much evidence it’s only a matter of time.

TM3Q | May 17, 2019

Oh and tonight going to see John wick 3.......can’t wait for John Wick 4 where’s John buys a Tesla Model 3 and someone keying his car and well you know how it’s going to end lol

jefjes | May 17, 2019

@TM3Q- LOL...I'm sure he will love it more than the Mustang he went ballistic over in the first one. That was a nice Mustang though...;-)

TabascoGuy | May 17, 2019

Wait, I thought that was all about what happened to Daisy.

neylus | May 17, 2019

@8B "Actually it looks like only one committed vandalism while the other "accidentally" bang the door into the TESLA. Will friends stay friends or will one rat the other out"

The driver is keying the car with his right hand as he bangs the door into the Model 3 with his left.

Magic 8 Ball | May 17, 2019

@neylus I do not see conclusive evidence of that (the body is blocking whatever the hand is doing). I think I will challenge your call and see what the fellers in booth have to say.

Joshan | May 17, 2019

I had not noticed that watching. Good eye.

Joshan | May 17, 2019

I will agree though it is not conclusive 100% evidence. But there is enough he would probably plea bargain out to avoid it on his record anyways.

Magic 8 Ball | May 17, 2019

One important tool we have here is one turning the other in. If say the driver were smart enough to go to a lawyer the plea tool is to turn the guy, we have conclusive evidence on, in.

ronocoug | May 17, 2019

Maybe there's hope; this just in:

Local Fox news station has picked it up here in Sacramento.

TM3Q | May 17, 2019

I just tested my new 360 degree defense system for my Tesla, in the video notice when the beach balloon touches my rear wheel and how the car react!

Enjoy :-)

CharleyBC | May 17, 2019

@Madatgascar: "Sacramento folks, esp the owner, it would help to have a positive ID of the location."

You inspired me. I just went for a walk to Old Sac. The Tesla was parked at meter 9980 in front of 1107 Front Street.

Here's a screen shot from the video:

And here's a shot I just took:

I didn't get EXACTLY the same perspective since it seemed uncool to crawl onto the hood of the car currently parked in the spot in order to simulate the Tesla camera position. But close enough.

stephenfootball | May 17, 2019