High Energy Drain Throughout The Day

High Energy Drain Throughout The Day

So I've had my Model 3 since Monday and I have to say I'm very surprised how fast my battery drains while I'm at work and it is just sitting there(in sentry mode with climate control off).

It has been draining about 5%-8% after about 8 hours of sitting there. Is that normal with sentry mode on? That seems like an EXTREMELY high amount of battery being used.

Mike UpNorth | May 17, 2019

cabin temp protection on? are you parked outside in the sun/heat?

joshbang | May 17, 2019

@Mike Nope, climate control is off and its been pretty cool the last few days.

joshbang | May 17, 2019

My interior is currently at 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

rv2019 | May 17, 2019

When I accidentally left sentry mode on once overnight , it drained about 14 miles in about 12 hours. I didn't have any USB stick connected, not sure if that will cause it to use more power. I am on 12.1.2.

stopnair | May 17, 2019

make sure to turn OFF the fan before exiting...looks like there is a bug which keeps the fan on even if you exit....or do you have an external app like Teslafi pinging your car every minute?

Mike UpNorth | May 17, 2019

I think climate control and cabin temp protection are different.
But maybe doesn't matter as you indicated the inside is 69F (unless the protection got it down that far).
I don't use sentry mode so I'm not sure....Hopefully others can say if that's normal energy use.

EVRider | May 17, 2019

Sentry Mode uses 1+ miles of range per hour. Nothing you can do about that other than not use it.

joshbang | May 17, 2019

@Stopnair I check my app maybe 3 times a day? Not very often. And I don't have Teslafi(I've never even heard of that haha).

@EVRider if Sentry mode uses 1+ miles per hour, that is probably about 13 miles of battery in an 8 hour period. That might be counting towards the 5-8% but whats the rest of the drain?

Do you guys think this is something that I should talk to real Tesla Support about? I was really just coming on here to see if what I am experiencing is the norm.

lbowroom | May 17, 2019

Can you do without Sentry for a day?

CharleyBC | May 17, 2019

Totally agree with what @lbowroom is thinking. Stated more generally, isolate the key variable. Try a day without Sentry and see how that goes. Be sure you're not using the Tesla app or any third party app to check on your baby all the time. Basically, head for the most minimal use you can contrive and get a baseline. Then add things back one at a time.