Charging at 80%

Charging at 80%

Model 3 LR, AWD delivered 9/30/2018

Yesterday when I was ready to leave for work my M# was charged to 259 miles. I always charge every night and I am set for 80%. This appeared as though I had been updated to the 325 miles range (325*.8 = 260) I was pleasantly surprised, but this morning it is back to the normal 248 miles (310 * .8 = 248). Has anyone else with a AWD LR seen the update to 325 miles range? Just wondering....

rdh37 | May 22, 2019

As far as I am aware the mileage increase only applied to the RWD LR. I too have an AWD LR and my car, since I received it in Feb. 2019, still charges to 309 miles at 100% (derived since I have never charged to 100% and only once to 99%). Have a nice day.

kevin_rf | May 22, 2019


paul | May 22, 2019

I similarly charge to 80%, and I've seen variable numbers. 249 to 254. I think it some times "overshoots" a little bit when charging. Like you, I have an M3 LR AWD.

Pkalhan | May 22, 2019

same here, but for me the 80% is now like 245, I got my car on Oct 3, 2018. It use to charge to 248, but now charges to 245. I always have it set to charge to 80% but a few times like today, when I woke up, the app said charging completed at 245 miles, but when I get to my car about an hour later it is at 255. Do not understand.

bigroccrek | May 22, 2019

So why did the LR AWD not get the upgrade to 325 miles? Does anyone know? Those extra miles will help when we take a long trip.

httran26 | May 22, 2019

Don't worry about the miles going up. Happens all the time. The value is only an estimate. Once the battery cools down, it sometimes show a different number. I used have % on display and sometimes I stop and unplug the cat at 80%. Later in the day it would show 82%.

M3phan | May 22, 2019

I have LR RWD July 2018, on 2019.16.2 fw: charge to 80%, only seen 260 miles a couple times, most times (and most recently) it does as 252 miles

kevin_rf | May 22, 2019

@bigroccrek, Simple the LR AWD numbers where accurate, the LR RWD is more efficient (fewer watt hours per mile) but used the LR AWD numbers when calculating battery range. The 310 - 325 mile range increase is just the LR RWD using the correct watt hour per mile in the estimate. The range of the vehicle did not increase, just the range estimate became more accurate.

gmr6415 | May 23, 2019

Supposedly the update that extended range for the LR RWD was flawed, and is supposed to be fixed in a later bug fix.

Frank99 | May 23, 2019

How the h-e-double toothpicks am I supposed to track battery degradation if Tesla keeps screwing with the range estimates? ;)

andy.connor.e | May 23, 2019

Correct me if im wrong, but didnt the AWD not get the range increase but got the power increase?

Techy James | May 23, 2019

@andy.connor.e actually all the Tesla got the 5% improvement of Power. The 5% Longer range was just the RWD LR Model 3.
Unlike the RWD version that just has the single Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor that is more slightly more efficient Induction Front Motor that is used in the front motor on the AWD. They actually used the Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor in the front of the Model S & X to give those models an increase in range.

andy.connor.e | May 23, 2019


Ya thats what i thought. I also realized how double-negative my statement was and didnt really make alot of sense if you only read it once. But ya, thats what i thought that the AWD did NOT get the range boost.

ebmcs03 | May 23, 2019

It never actually got a physical range boost. Just a different mile numeric display.

kevin_rf | May 23, 2019

ebmcs03 +325

andy.connor.e | May 24, 2019

+420 @ebmcs03