Tips for Model 3 at drive-in movie theater?

Tips for Model 3 at drive-in movie theater?

Just wondering if there’s anything special I need to do! Will radio stay on if I put screen onto “clean” mode?

jopp2 | May 26, 2019

back to the future.

sheldon.mike1010 | May 26, 2019

Michelob .check
Snack assortment .check
KY .check
Pillows, blankets .check

100% ready.

tbd2001_01 | May 26, 2019

Full battery charge
Defrost working
Window shades
Handy wipes

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 26, 2019

I'm confused. Why would you need the radio? Don't you just hang that drive-in speaker on your window?

hokiegir1 | May 26, 2019

Yes, the radio stays on in screen clean mode, as do HVAC settings. You can use you phone for some adjustments to HVAC if needed rather than turning on the screen.

With AC on, you'll likely use about 1-2% per not too bad.

Teslanene | May 26, 2019

@neo Tesla has an awesome sound system, why would you want to hear in a crappy speaker.

Lonestar10_1999 | May 26, 2019

@Teslanene- the crappy speaker plays the soundtrack to the movie you’re watching. I doubt you can get the soundtrack broadcast to your vehicle’s radio.

Sunergy-NJ | May 26, 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie @Lonestar10_1999 Neither of you clearly haven't been to a drive-in in awhile. they've broadcast the sound via FM radio for more than 20 years or.... no more speaker boxes to scratch up the door and window.

Lonestar10_1999 | May 26, 2019

I thought all the drive-ins went out of business:-)

I think the very first drive- in was in NJ, Near Perth Amboy if memory serves.

kevin_rf | May 26, 2019

20 years? My town drivin would broadcast the movie on FM back in the 80's. Maybe it was AM ... Which would suck if you owned a Tesla, but only Marti-McFly would have had one back them ;-)

gwolnik | May 26, 2019

When I was growing up in Florida in the 1960's, we had air conditioned drive ins! In addition to the crappy speaker that hung on the window, you could pay extra to park in an area where they had air vents like giant dryer ducts that you could hang on the back window and cold air would blow in. Even when it wasn't that hot, it was great for keeping out mosquitoes, otherwise you had to burn those repellent coils and fill your car with smoke. Of course, most people smoked in those days anyway, but my parents didn't so we were not used to being around smoke. The choice then was to cough and gag from the mosquito repellent, or swelter in a closed up car, or get eaten alive by mosquitoes, or pay for the air conditioned parking spot! It was still cheaper for a large family than an indoor theater, so went to the drive in to see most movies. (I'm going to save this story for my memoir writing class!)

Devpsaux | May 27, 2019

I've found my Model 3 to be a perfect drive-in car. I set climate keep to on. Set all lights (headlights, dome, and accent) to off. Setting screen to clean mode is optional, but I don't find it that distracting really. The car has an awesome sound system, so I can turn up the radio, and listen to the movie. No more having to crank the car to recharge my battery because I've been listening to the radio with the engine off for an hour. Tesla's at a drive in are really the perfect mix of new and old school tech.

Sunergy-NJ | May 27, 2019

@Lonestar10_1999 They did start in Camden NJ I believe, most if not all are long gone but there are still a couple just over the border in Pennsylvania, and both are terrific. And they broadcast the sound over FM so your car stereo will make it sound tremendous!!!! You still have to walk to the snack shop for popcorn and hot dogs until enhanced summon returns.

Iwantmy3 | May 27, 2019

How long do the headlights stay on for when you are in park and inside the car. Can they be turned off? I have never really thought about this before.

gwolnik | May 27, 2019

I would think that a modern drive-in would have an app you could download and use to order food from the snack shop and have it delivered to your car by a car hop, eventually by a robot!

I love the background snack shop cartoons showing the movie countdown in this scene from Grease:

myerrored | May 27, 2019

@Iwantmy3 I think it is between 15-30min when youre inside, but you can always manually turn them off though the Quick Contols tab. I do this every time i reverse into my driveway at night since my car acts like a small sun thats shinning in though my nehbiors windows.

gmr6415 | May 27, 2019

We used to go to one in Mt. Vernon, VA in our high school days

They played the general movies in one direction and R and X movies in the other direction. They directed you where to park your car depending on your tickets. Everyone would buy the general tickets and then get in the back seat and look out the back window. That was back in the days of the speakers, so you couldn't get the sound for the R and X movies that way though.

We have one not far from us now.

Every once and a while they'll get in financial trouble and some local philanthropist or two will give them a chunk of money to keep them going.

gballant4570 | May 27, 2019

"Modern" drive in? I guess I gotta get out more..... I had simply assumed that they were all gone. I haven't actually seen one for many years. All of them I knew of in MD were torn down around 30 years ago. Land got too valuable I guess? And how many people would actually show up? Maybe I DON'T need to get out more....

bj | May 27, 2019

If the Tesla frunks were a bit bigger you could smuggle an extra viewer in. They often check the boots/trunks.

cnsf | May 27, 2019

We went to the one in Warwick, NY and it's great that you can leave on the climate control with the windows up to keep the bugs out. It's only good for front seat passengers. Remember to keep your phone on you and leave the card key in the car for the other passenger. The lights are goofy even when you turn them off. I had to fiddle a bit and my headlights went on for a short time even though I had the lights switched to Off. Sound was awesome inside the car over FM. They had a new sound over wifi system but couldn't get enough of a wifi signal to pump it through the car's bluetooth.

dsvick | May 28, 2019

Still have one near us in North Ridgeville, Ohio. We don't go as often as we would like to but we like the pizza there!! Also, we haven't taken the Tesla there yet either since we usually have more than 2 of us and we just sit outside the back of my wife's jeep.

ODWms | May 29, 2019

@gballant4570, there are at least two in my area. I’ve been to the one in Tampa on Hillsborough, and another in Lakeland off of 92.

funo | June 22, 2019

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vandeje | June 22, 2019

@gballant4570 There is still one in Maryland. It's near Whitemarsh.

They have pretty strict rules about being able to "drive-in" to the premises with no lights at all. (That includes the running lights.) As of right now, the Model 3 has no way of doing this. Which is quite unfortunate.

gwolnik | June 22, 2019

@vandeje Just arrive before it is completely dark, then your Tesla headlights won't disturb anyone. My astronomy club has a similar rule about car lights at star parties, if you arrive after dusk, you must drive up with just your parking lights so you don't ruin everyone's night vision.

smogne41 | June 22, 2019

I was wondering about astro viewing parties actually. Is the Model 3 with headlights "off" acceptable to come after dark? Or do you have to arrive before?