SR+ owners - Are you happy with your choice?

SR+ owners - Are you happy with your choice?

Is SR+ a worthy upgrade from SR? Like me, a number of you must have got SR+ for budget reasons. LR is awesome (range + premium audio + home link + traffic etc), but too expensive for us. So lets leave that out. But would you rather downgrade to the SR?

I initially booked a SR but later decided to do the upgrade to SR+ for mainly 2 things. At that time, it felt like a good bang for my buck
1. Premium Interior with adjustable seats, vegan leather, premium material etc (which they are providing in the SR anyway)
2. Immersive Audio (There is no such thing yet in the SR+. So the Audio is same as the SR)

So now, the only feature I have extra is the 20 miles of additional range? Is that worth $2k?

TeslaDvr | May 31, 2019

I did exactly like you.
Right now, with only 20 miles and fog light difference. It's not worth $2000 if you look back at that time. But you can't buy an SR+ without autopilot now. So, the real difference is $1500. Still not worth it in my opinion.

Stach | May 31, 2019

Just like now, when I bought it I saved $4,500, since I don't want Autopilot. With only 20 fewer miles of range and losing my foglights coming eventually, I'll happily pocket the cash. I've already had my AP and FSD trial and neither is worth anything close to what they Tesla charges for it. I actually prefer basic cruise control, instead of slowing down as you approach cars from far away. Since you lose the ability to have standard CC when you get AP, I am extremely happy with my SR choice.

Mr. Spacely | May 31, 2019

I love my SR+ and wouldn't change a thing. You are wrong on the sound. SR+ does have immersive audio.

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019

@doughicks411 - There is that option for immersive audio. But it does nothing to the music. Maybe they first need to enable the rest of the speakers? I cant tell any difference.

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019

@TeslaDvr - I agree. Unless they introduce more features into the SR+, I will downgrade to the SR and get my $2k back.
SR feels like a good choice for all that they are providing.

TeslaDvr | May 31, 2019

You cannot downgrade to SR after delivery.

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019

Yes you can. Check this out

I reached out to them and they said I would need to wait some more time as it is still early days.

dberto | May 31, 2019

In Canada they downgraded the SR batter range to 150 kilometers from the initial 354 km after reducing the base price to fall under a threshold to qualify for a government rebate. So the difference between the SR and SR+ is really about range here. Having originally ordered the SR, when they told me it would have less than half the original range, it became a completely different purchase decision.

sl7vk | May 31, 2019

What about heated front seats? I see this as a huge benefit of the SR+ as the standard heater sucks the range out of the car.

Love my SR+ (bought without Autopilot) and would by the same trim again in a heartbeat.

rrisdal | May 31, 2019

I am happy with my SR+ purchase with the exception of the sound system, it’s really bad since the rear deck speakers, A- pillar speakers are all disabled and no sub. Worst audio of any car I’ve owned in the last 25 years. If I had known how bad the “partial premium” audio would be I would have gone for the Mid range instead.

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019

The audio is not premium, but it is certainly not bad. Its very crisp and clear. I would say it is above average
I listen mainly to trance at high volumes and it sounds pretty awesome except that it lacks bass. Just needs a sub-woofer.

Try adjusting the EQ. It made a HUGE difference to me. Use a 'V' settings. Turn up the bass to 6, mid range to 3.5, You'll notice the music pop.

Blacklamb | May 31, 2019

I love my SR+, I and when I ordered right when they were announced the difference of the SR and SR+ was huge. I really wish I would have stepped up to a MR for the better sound system at 2k more it was not worth it to me but I had a coworker who ordered the same weekend who was offered one from inventory for only a few hundred more than my SR+. I would have taken that deal in a heartbeat.

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019

@sl7vk - Luckily for me, I never used heated seats.. do not need them. I am in sunny socal.. the seat is already on fire when I sit on it...

coffeegrinder | May 31, 2019

For myself, I am extremely happy. I really went back and forth between the LR RWD/AWD or the SR+ and I ended up choosing the SR+ due to finances. An extra 5-10k plus taxes wasn't worth it to me since the 240 range is more than enough for my daily commute (35 miles round trip) and weekend excursions (50-75 miles). Not to mention, the extra thousands really does begin to add up if you finance part of the purchase.

The biggest single reason I went with SR+ was the included AP. Not that I really use it that much, I DO believe that it will be a big draw as the years go by if one tries to resell. Personally, I want to say the panorama glass roof was also a deciding factor but I guess the SR will get that no matter what. I do wish Tesla still would produce the bare bones cloth seats, no panorama roof option to differentiate more but I understand if its cheaper just to maintain more consistent features between the SR and SR+

Azamat | June 1, 2019

Love my SR+, wouldn't change a thing. Yesterday I tested the Immersive Sound difference - turned on the music loudly and then toggled between the Immersive On/Off - there is a difference.I wonder if it always was there or is it after the latest update to 16.2 ? At the time of ordering (March 2019) 2K for vegan leather, better audio, heated seats, fog lights, etc - was a no brainer for me. I don't look back and just enjoy the car!

ameetm3 | June 1, 2019

Just curious - When did you get the 16.2 update? I am still on 12.1.2

Azamat | June 1, 2019

I got mine about 5 days ago.

bradmoroni | June 1, 2019

I apologize for my ignorance. I only picked up my car Wednesday and had it long enough to drive it to a shop for custom work. I have to ask what the abbreviations mean before I can answer your questions. What means "SR+"?
I have the Performance options with the good sound system and the full autopilot, self driving, etc (I don't quite understand what benefit there is to the car driving itself when you must continually hold the steering wheel).
Anyway, I have much to learn but I will enjoy the education.

Nexxus | June 13, 2019


SR means short range. SR+ means short range plus. Gets you 20 more miles of range and premium interior for $2k more on the price. MR menas mid-range (no longer available from the factory). LR means long range. LR AWD means long range all wheel drive (dual motor). P3D means performance Model 3 dual motor.

Hope that helps.

M3winEVwin | June 13, 2019

What about the performance, acceleration and driving experience, are you happy with that?

ShaunyD | June 13, 2019

SR+ is very nice. I'm super happy with this vehicle. The acceleration never gets old. So fun to drive.

AmpManNC | June 13, 2019

Very happy with the SR+, bought in April. With the lighter battery, it's the most efficient Tesla made. We're able to get to the coast or the mountains with at most a brief supercharger stop (we're in the middle of NC). Option levels provide all the accoutrements we need. Fit and finish excellent. Haven't had a single problem to date.

Best car we've ever owned!

dallinjhales | June 13, 2019

We had intentions of ordering the SR for financial reasons. However, we went with the $4500 more SR+, and don't mind the price difference. AP will used daily and driving it will be so awesome!

Guy From Gulfport | June 13, 2019

Happy with the SR+? Most certainly!

If I had to do it over again (bought in late March)... Would I have paid the extra $3k for the now extinct MidRange, with Premium interior? Most certainly! 25 miles more range, ALL your speakers work, rear heated seats, Homelink, Satellite maps (with traffic), and (now) a functioning Web Browser. I tired to be frugal. But, I ended up being cheap.

Would I have purchased a SR, even knowing how little they are now differentiated? No. I wouldn't take the money, for the decreased range. For my personal situation, I need 20 miles MORE range, not LESS. But that won't make a difference, to most of you. But I also wouldn't want any more features taken away from the car.

sky-pilot | June 13, 2019

I can understand those that chose the SR over the SR+, as I initially ordered the LR with all the bells and whistles and looked at what I was getting for the additional bucks, close to $51k, if I recall correctly. At the time I ordered mine, the SR was $26,950, the SR+ was $28,950, and the base LR was $34,950. So then I thought, the SR didn’t get me the interior that my wife wanted (happy wife, happy life – so far 45 years of bliss) the SR had semi manual seats with no memory, manual steering adjusting, and an AM quality radio, and fog lights you can’t even turn on, what good are those? So that pretty much eliminated the SR. Are these little things worth the $2k delta between the SR and SR+, you betcha (HW,HL). Then I looked at the bells and whistles on the LR over the SR+; premium audio, navigation (I like WAZE), streaming (my android does just fine), auto garage door opener (I can get that for less that $6K), then there’s the summon feature, probably never use it, total autonomous (FSD) driving on the streets, too many idiots and I like having control of my car, so that went away too, autopark, well that’s just laziness (IMO). It came down to the SR+ with AP, still have the TACC, 240 miles, the wife’s white interior and a few other goodies. To me, and my family’s needs, the SR+ just made sense for us.

pkmantmc | June 14, 2019

I test drove the mid range with great audio and would've gladly pay an extra $200 - $300 for that alone, if there was an option. Otherwise, I'm happy with SR+ and OK with not having the other bells & whistles for a whole lot more.

terminator9 | June 14, 2019

>total autonomous (FSD) driving on the streets, too many idiots and I like having control of my car, so that went away too, autopark, well that’s just laziness (IMO)

Thats what people said when automatic transmission was introduced after manual.

Lonestar10_1999 | June 14, 2019

I am all about value. I have been intrigued with Tesla since the beginning, but their cars were always beyond my reach. The M3 was a game changer because it had all the qualities I admired in a Tesla (looks, handling, free fuel) but with tax incentives, it was finally financially sensible to buy one.

Now that my initial Due Bill items have been addressed, the car meets or exceeds all my expectations. If I can get over 120k miles without major problems, I will consider the asset to be completely depreciated and therefore I not only got to drive a great car, but I got my money’s worth.

Any trim package above the SR+ is too expensive to meet my comfort level for value. Maybe I psyched myself out of it but I don’t feel the need for the extra bells and whistles because for me it’s wasteful.

davecortright | June 14, 2019

I bought my SR+ in March. I put a $1000 reservation down back in 2016. I was hoping that they were going to come out with the SR before 2019 to take advantage of the full tax break. I noticed the price has gone up but that it now comes autopilot. Can I upgrade to autopilot and if so how much will it cost me. I love my SR+ but the only reason I upgraded from the SR was I didn't want cloth seats. I feel a little bit like I got ripped off since I found out the SR comes with the same seats. It would be nice if they would either give me back $2000 and take away 20 miles of range or give us a good deal for the autopilot.

ODWms | June 15, 2019

ameetm3 | May 31, 2019
@sl7vk - Luckily for me, I never used heated seats.. do not need them. I am in sunny socal.. the seat is already on fire when I sit on it...

Same here. I’m in sunny Central Florida. I’ll likely never have a use for heated seats. I which the car had come with ventilated seats. That would be awesome!

peter_m_o | June 15, 2019

Well I went to the store to order a SR+ and the salesman talked me into a SR saying that the only difference was range, acceleration and audio. He quoted the website stating that all new Tesla vehicles now included Autopilot. I have since found that not to be true and had to pay $3,199 inc. tax for Autopilot. There's no sales tax on EV's in my state so it would've only been $3,000 before delivery. I recently got an email stating that some "trial" features will expire in a few days, such as heated seats. Now I'm trying to pay the difference to upgrade to SR+ but nobody seems to know how to do this. The store just keeps telling me that they've sent a support request.

Lonestar10_1999 | June 15, 2019

@peter- sorry to hear that you’re M3 purchase decision was based on misinformation from a Tesla rep. Please keep the forum updated on how this matter gets resolved.