dealer/delivery delays

dealer/delivery delays

Has anyone ran into problems trying to take delivery of your M3? I ordered mine 6/3 and was told delivery of 6/17, which I was happy that they stayed true to their delivery projected window but my delivery is being delayed by the dealer because of the MVPA. I went 3rd party financing only after I sent in the Tesla lending application originally, and not hearing anything back within a reasonable amount of time. I got a better rate through my credit union, but because of the added paperwork and hoop jumping because its 3rd party, I'm now waiting on the final price sheet to submit to my lender. Its been 4 days since I sent it back to Tesla, and Im getting nothing but empty promises from the dealer that is handling it. I get it. your busy. This is a popular car right now, but lets be real. This is not a good way to start off a new ownership experience, especially when done an unconventional way. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of scenario?

Dealer by the way, is Tesla--Chicago/Westmont.

lordmiller | June 17, 2019

Nope! It's worth the wait be patient.

TeslaJimmy | June 17, 2019

Over anxious to get my hands on this car. Finally received everything today. All is good.