Any regrets installing 21" Arachnid wheels referral award?

Any regrets installing 21" Arachnid wheels referral award?

I finally received my 21" Arachnid wheels referral award, and plan to have them installed next week if all goes according to plan (see my related thread

Before I pull the trigger, I'm wondering if any of you who did the same had any regrets? I know the 21" wheels are more susceptible to damage and will cost more to replace, and the ride will feel different. I'm happy with how my Model S100D rides now, but I do like the look of the Arachnid wheels better. Of course, I would get more money selling the Arachnid wheels than selling the wheels I'm planning to replace.

I've already gotten input from people who decided not to the install the Arachnid wheels to begin with, but I'd like to hear from anyone who did install them and then regretted doing so. Thanks!

52eleven | June 19, 2019

I recently made the change to silver arachnids on my blue S100D and overall I absolutely love them. Looks were my primary motivation but the improved handling & feel make it incredible. Here are my personal pros & cons vs. stock 19'' slipstreams

- They look amazing, I love the depth of the rims and how the light curls around them (silver).
- Handling is far improved. Steering is much more responsive and lighter.
- Road feel is much sportier to my liking. Slipstreams were really plush.
- No noticeable loss in efficiency but I rarely push range limits.

- They are noticeably louder but not annoyingly so. Moder 3 LR AWD with 19'' is much louder by comparison.
- Tire wear, expecting a 5-8k penalty/set based on what I've read.
- Cost. Replacing them more often with more expensive tires.
- Potholes & Parking. I'm hyper-attentive to road imperfections and potential for curb rash.

That said, I don't regret it for a moment living in the Newport Beach area where roads are nice and it never snows. I assume you'll experience the same in WPB but If your most common roads are pothole ridden I may reconsider. I formerly lived in Atlanta where roads aren't the best or worst and Tesla Sales Advisors strongly advised against turbines. One even said he experienced 3+ flats from turbines on demo drives. Arachnids are forged and stronger but not invincible.

EVRider | June 19, 2019

@52eleven: Thanks for the detailed feedback, and I'm glad to hear you had no regrets. Regarding potholes and such, the roads I normally drive on here in south FL are in pretty good shape, but of course I might encounter bad roads on road trips. I'm not too worried about that, since it would be infrequent.

larry | June 19, 2019

@EVRider - How long did it take to get your referral wheels after you choose them ? I'm asking because I have been waiting since 12/2018 for my set, and can't get any info from the referral dept at Tesla, or from my local service center either...

EVRider | June 20, 2019

@larry: I ordered my wheels in December. I contacted the referral team several times, and the last thing they told me was to schedule a service appointment to install the wheels, and service would let me know when the parts are in and ready to install. In my case there was also a problem where my third referral wasn’t showing up in their system, but that got fixed.

MJP.75D | June 20, 2019

Mine took just shy of 1 year (almost to the day). Hopefully you will have better luck.....still, free gift so I’m not complaining. Good luck.

philgrocks | June 20, 2019

I took mine off after 9 months
- The rear wheels both lost 2 pounds of air every week. Tesla could not figure it out after 4 attempts :-(
- The ride and noise are not as good as 19" wheels

Those two factors killed me. I much happier with my 19" wheels.

philgrocks | June 20, 2019

I took mine off after 9 months
- The rear wheels both lost 2 pounds of air every week. Tesla could not figure it out after 4 attempts :-(
- The ride and noise are not as good as 19" wheels

Those two factors killed me. I much happier with my 19" wheels.

ellcyc | June 21, 2019

I had a 2013 with 19" wheels and now drive a 2016 with 21" -- I have been tempted to switch back but haven't yet. Overall it's now my sense that the increased noise and ride harshness people experience with the 21" wheels is as much a function of the tires as the wheel size. After seeing advice from other 21" owners I recently switched to Falken Avensis tires from the OEM Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I'm sure some of the improvement in comfort and quietness was partially a function of the tires being new but the difference was dramatic and these tires are about half the price of the Michelins in the 21" size. The other problem with the 21" wheels is that they get bent ($1100 per wheel, happened only once to me in 30,000 miles) and with the staggered tires the rear wheels stick out from the car a little more so it's a challenge to avoid scraping them. Overall it does feel like the wheels are a bit of a sacrifice in comfort and cost to achieve improved looks and handling. But some people enjoy making sacrifices.

MilesMD88 | June 22, 2019

After 3 weeks. Well they look fabulous. Handling is totally different, much tighter & sharper. Road noise is a bit louder as expected. Road bumps more obvious. Don’t be so quick to sell your 19’s. Give it a try & decide. You may want to go back to 19’s. Concrete roads in FL may not give you the ride you prefer on the Arachnids.
Ordered mine Dec 2018 as well. Frustrated with emails to referral program. Went back and read how to claim wheels in the previous referral program. It said (changed at some point) schedule with a SC for install. Did so, 2 weeks later I had Arachnids.

rdalcanto | June 22, 2019

MilesMD88 - have you noticed a change in range? The Arachnids are light. The Standard 21s are heavy, and I don't know how much of the range loss with those is the weight vs the staggered setup.

MilesMD88 | June 22, 2019

Rdalcanto...have only had about 3 weeks and my driving has been, shall we say spirited haha coming from the OEM 19’s. I know the Arachnids are 5 & 3 lbs lighter than the 21” turbines & about the same as my old wheels. Energy use seems to be about the same when I drive civilized.

MilesMD88 | June 25, 2019

Just did my 100 mile round trip to work at mostly 80 mph. 340 wh/mile so about a 7% hit vs 19’s

EVRider | June 28, 2019

Based on the feedback in this thread, I’ve decided to keep the old wheels on my car and sell the Arachnids instead. I’ll post an ad for the new wheels once I know all the parts are in — still waiting to hear from Service.