Dash and Glove Compartment Scratches Easily

Dash and Glove Compartment Scratches Easily

Does anyone notice that the the exterior surface of the glove compartment and black dash gets scratched very easily?

I tried cleaning it with a microfiber towel and water and it doesn’t improve it.

A shame how cheap that material is and doesn’t hold up from slight wear and tear.

casun | June 27, 2019

jimglas | June 27, 2019
remember to take off your crampons before entering the vehicle


i wish you had mentioned this earlier. would have saved me so many scratches.

M3phan | June 27, 2019

@jimglas, re. That’s what she said

vmulla | June 27, 2019

This isn't an area that should be wrapped, is it? I'd expect this to have the airbags under the dash.

-TheJohn- | June 27, 2019

Some fantastic jokes here!
All joking aside the material on the glove box is really easily perma scuffed at least at the 59k vin (born on July 8th 2018) level.
I personally don't give even a quarter of a rats ass about it but I will chime in again that it's a real thing.

TeslaG | September 2, 2019

The Tesla fanboys bullies OP into silence, but OP had a legitimate concern. I was watching a video of a Tesla owner putting on the windshield sunscreen that had felt around it, but still manage to make a mark on the dash. It would be helpful for owners with some experience that were able to remove or clean the scuff marks off and with what product was used. There was mention of 303, but my goodness, that is one expensive product.

vmulla | September 2, 2019

lilbean | June 26, 2019
Scrub it and you’ll understand. :)

It's been a while, but I scratched the surface away from my line of sight to test. I now understand :)

Thank you for this. I've learned something.

Wattsworth | September 2, 2019

I put Gyeon Leather Shield on the seats and had enough left over to do the soft material on glove box, dash and doors (except for the suede-like material). Company said it would be fine on those areas but I tested those areas anyway and had no issues.

Great stuff. Have no scratches or markings and everything cleans up with a damp microfiber cloth.

jkelly | September 24, 2019

My glovebox was already scratched upon delivery. I noticed it when we arrived home the same day as my delivery appointment and after a few days tried to schedule service to have it looked at and possibly replaced. Tesla wouldn't replace it at no charge because I didn't see and make note of it at my delivery appointment. I was quoted over $300 to replace, but so far have left it as is. Tesla said the finish is actually painted, which is surprising since it's not a resilient finish in an area bound to be bumped from time to time by shoes, purses, etc. Since then my wife's purse with only soft edges has left several additional long scratches or scuff marks that can't be removed. It looks absolutely horrible! In my opinion, Tesla should rethink the finish of this item and offer a free recall to existing owners who request a replacement.

M3phan | September 24, 2019

@ jkelly, i’ll suggest to you a product below that I have used for over a year; it conditioned, covered up, and possibly removed the scuffs off of my glove box door. Apply it with a black cotton sock, and gentle side to side application strokes, it doesn’t need to be wiped off, it air dries to a matte “no glare” finish, and after a few applications, the scuffs on my glove box door are gone. Plus it smells like clean new car smell. Works great on the sensitive upper dash too (again, use very gentle wipes).
Black Magic Interior Multi Surface Detailer (no glare natural finish)

jkelly | November 18, 2019

Thank you @M3phan, I gave the Black Magic product you recommended a try and unfortunately it was unsuccessful in removing even the smallest of smudges from my wife's synthetic leather hand bag. Somehow this bag with nothing metal, just the fake leather, leaves marks each time it touches the glovebox. It's a defective finish that isn't resilient enough to be used on anything, especially a glovebox. When I discussed the issue with Tesla service, they said it's actually a painted finish and can be refinished. They suggested I drive it to their shop so it could be repainted. I suspect this painted finish is the problem as it's easily removed by anything that comes in contact with the soft material that it's applied to. It's time for Tesla to rethink and redesign this particular finish for future vehicle production and offer free replacements for existing vehicles through a voluntary recall process. I've have amassed a graveyard of products I've purchased trying to make the marks disappear and nothing works.

M3phan | November 18, 2019

Oh sorry, that’s a shame. Hopefully it can get remedies for you.
(A painted finish? Interesting.)