Model S Unlimited Supercharging question

Model S Unlimited Supercharging question

Hi all-

this is my first post to the Tesla forums. I bought a MS in July 2018 with a referral code in JULY 2018 and was given assurance that unlimited supercharging came with the purchase. However, when i look on my Tesla account, it shows a 400 kWh per year limit (which i am approaching - i.e. it's counting down the kWh).Is this normal, and can i still be sure I still have unlimited supercharging?

I tried contacting customer service, which then sent an email to the referral program team, but I never heard back. Any comfort you can provide would be much appreciated!

jtreadwell1 | June 29, 2019

I should add that I did receive an email confirmation of unlimited supercharging from my owner adviser, but of course i can't find the email, and the owner adviser has since left Tesla. | June 29, 2019

Sounds like the unlimited never got connected up as 400 kW/year was the standard at the time you bought the car. Not sure if Tesla can fix it now, but worth a try. I'd suggest calling Tesla, but not sure they can solve it for you this far from when the transaction occurred. Might have been easier if you had caught it within a month or two of purchase. Good luck in any case.

tes-s | June 29, 2019

The person who referred you can see the referral from their account. I just did that - went to "past referrals" and found my referral. It lists the name and date of the referred vehicle(s).

Just go back to the person that referred you and have them save a screen shot. Should be no issue verifying the referral.

One would think Tesla could do this also....

jtreadwell1 | June 29, 2019

that's a great idea. thank you tes-s