3 tire blowouts in 1.5 years

3 tire blowouts in 1.5 years

Had 3 flat tires with my X, more than I had in the last 40 years. At 30,000 miles. With the most recent tire failure, just got 4 new Pirreli tires.Bad luck or a true tire issue??? BTW, I do not sense any significant noise difference | July 1, 2019

@hoffenberg - Yikes that's a lot. Are you using 22" or 20"? Low profile tires on any car are more risky for blowouts - especially if you're in a pothole prone area. If you continue to have blowouts, you may need to go to 20" if you're on 22".

jimglas | July 1, 2019

I suspect the fact that it weighs 6,000 pounds and has sports car tires has something to do with it

mathwhiz | July 1, 2019

Also, stay well clear of shoulders and undriven road areas likely to accumulate foreign objects. I pulled over on a shoulder and picked up a damned bolt. :~

hoffenberg | July 2, 2019

I am using the base tires that came with it. i assume 20... Was i just having bad luck?

Vawlkus | July 2, 2019

I’d say so.
2 years and I’ve only had one tire damaged, and it was from a bolt that got embedded in my tire from a highway construction site.

jimglas | July 2, 2019

A lot of roof replacement for hail damage here
they seem to spread a fair amount of nails around on the streets
I find them with my tires | July 2, 2019

Got one nail in the last 10 years, never a blowout. I must be following jimglas enough for him to get the nails before me!

@hoffenberg - If you have the 20"s, then yes - bad luck. They don't have any more problems than other cars with standard tires.

Weston X90D | July 3, 2019

Which tires? When you mean blow out, do mean a puncture while you were driving that let all the air out?

Sam | July 5, 2019

because I am in a pothole prone area I asked which tires to use. My BMW had performance run flats and I (was insured) went through 16 wheels and 12 tires in 4 years. I was told to buy the 20" non performance tire. Its been a year and no flats, punctures or the like