2019 S has new low resistance tires?

2019 S has new low resistance tires?

An article at says:

"Tesla-specific revisions of the Goodyear Eagle Touring, while summer rubber is either Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or 4S"

Is this different than before? I thought my late 17 100D with 19" rims had low resistance Goodyears with the foam.

How much does this new tire type (if it is) contribute to the new 375 mile range?

Cheers | July 1, 2019

Tesla has always used LRR tires. Not sure sure if new tires have any effect to range. Big change was a more efficient front motor, by using motor design advancements from the Model 3, but perhaps different tires add a few miles as well.

Also new Model S LR range is 370 miles, not 375.