[Sentry mode] sensitive and accessing clips

[Sentry mode] sensitive and accessing clips


please Tesla’s developers, read this!

- Sentry mode is too sensitive, we need a level to adjust how sensitive it is, it is always pick up a clips that people passing by, in a busy parking lot, i received 7-10 events average. this caused my USB flash drive is always out of capacity and i have to clean it up every 2-3 days (i am using 32GB flash drive)

- or if we could access clips from central control monitor, and view and delete clips which are not importance.

thanks for reading

M3phan | July 8, 2019

1. 32gb? You need a much larger thumb drive or SSD.
2. Tesla developers don’t read this forum for requests.
3. Agree, would be nice to view clips on our screens.

M3phan | July 8, 2019

Edit to 2. Don’t expect Tesla developers to read the forum for requests.

TonyHua2000 | July 9, 2019

i do think they read but never reply or making a coversation

ColonyGolfer | July 9, 2019

23 "sentry events" reported from White Horse Beach, MA on July 3rd evening....probably attributed to fireworks. Agreed, sensitivity would be nice, but setting it to ignore the flash-boom from fireworks would probably also exclude a keying of your car event.

EVRider | July 9, 2019

If you don’t see any damage to your car, don’t worry about the number of Sentry Mode events. You’ll just make yourself crazy otherwise. :-)

RedPillSucks | July 9, 2019

"Clean every 2-3 days"
Doesn't the video wrap, overwriting older files when space gets low?

Magic 8 Ball | July 9, 2019

@RedPillSucks Files that go into the saved files folder (I.E. sentry clips) are not overwritten and when that folder fills up you must clean it up. This is as designed a good feature.

M3phan | July 9, 2019

@EVRider, agreed.

casun | July 9, 2019

the ability to delete files from the display would be (will be?) nice.

vmulla | July 9, 2019

It's working as designed and is good as is. It's upto you to take care of it. If you think you have a good idea write to Tesla and stop whining here.


casun | July 9, 2019

right. right.

i’ll take my enhancement request a step further - it would be nice (will be nice?) to be able to view the videos on the mobile phone app and delete them if necessary. that way when there is a sentry mode event i can view the video from anywhere.

this functionality is already available with the kona coffeev, audio gooberton and jaguar i-raq so i don’t know what’s taking elon so long.

EVRider | July 9, 2019

I think everyone agrees that being able to view (and delete) recorded video on the touchscreen would be great. Unless there’s a technical reason why Tesla can’t do this, I’ll be surprised if doesn’t happen someday.

casun | July 9, 2019

agreed. i’m sure it’ll happen. how cool is it that our cars keep improving?

rehutton777 | July 9, 2019

I've had my Model 3 for a little over 3 months, and never bothered to activate "Sentry Mode". As a result of being "keyed" on the passenger-side doors last week without benefit of sentry mode video (to the tune of $1500 damage), I have decided to start using Sentry Mode when parked in public areas. However, my USB memory stick (admittedly small) fills up within 25 minutes because video records continuously for all 3 cameras once Sentry Mode is activated. I will be shifting to a 128 GB San Disc shortly to increase storage space. Just curious - - why does recording continuously occur when there is absolutely nothing going on around the car? Seems it would solve some problems on disc storage space if recording occurred only when a close approach is made to the car or the car is otherwise threatened (such as being jostled). Comments?

casun | July 9, 2019

ouch. sorry to hear your car was keyed.

it should not be recording continuously unless there is something happening around your car.

rehutton777 | July 9, 2019

Casun - - As soon as I activate Sentry Mode recording starts, and continues for 25 minutes irrespective of what's happening around the car (even parked in the garage). After 25 minutes the recording stops ("X" appears in the camera icon), and when I review the videos on the disc, it shows three 60 second videos (taken for each of the 3 cameras) at one minute intervals until the disc becomes full.

casun | July 9, 2019

you definitely need a larger usb drive but something is not right. it should only start recording when a “threat” is detected. are you enabling it each time?

rehutton777 | July 9, 2019

I have wondered if part of the problem is that I typically "enable" Sentry Mode from the touch screen immediately before leaving the vehicle, not from the App. I have noticed that sentry mode doesn't start until the car locks when my phone "leaves" the immediate area of the car, but I wonder if my leaving the car triggers a "treat" recognition? If so, how long will the recording last if a short "threat" is detected? If it records continuously for 25 minutes, that could explain my problem.

SteveWin1 | July 10, 2019

Main thing is that it shouldn't force us to watch 3 1-minute clips to get through 1 minute of footage. Something caused that clip to be saved. The car noticed a person or a vehicle. It should take you to the specific spot in the specific video where something actually happened. I have to run my video through a separate NN to do this, which is dumb, because all the footage was already analyzed, but the labels are either thrown away or are only sent to Tesla.

EVRider | July 10, 2019

Sentry Mode records continuously because when an alert event happens, it saves video starting 10 minutes prior to the event happening. If someone damages your car, you might need that video to identify the culprit.

Joshan | July 10, 2019

@casun, I
kinda doubt they are going to let the car read videos from a persons personal storage device. This could lead to the car being infected with Viruses and malware. This is a very slippery slope for them, where the user could cause damage to the car and cost them alot of time and money.

casun | July 10, 2019

@evrider sentry mode might be recording continuously but i don’t think its saving all files to usb. at least, i don’t think it was for me when i tested it but i haven’t used it in several weeks. maybe something has changed?

casun | July 10, 2019

@joshan it already reads music files from usb. i don’t know why video would be any less secure. in fact, the video files are files written by the system so presumably they would be more secure.