Brake Pedal Slamming

Brake Pedal Slamming

When on autopilot the brake pedal seems to always slam hard when a car in front of me brakes and makes a extremely loud noise. The Model 3 doesn’t do this at all, does anyone else experience this?

ALSET | July 8, 2019

I'm curious, what's your follow distance set to? I haven't noticed this but have mine set to 3 car distance.

rishabh0428 | July 8, 2019

Mine is on two. The Model 3 was on 1. It just makes a loud “thump” noise.

mickeymouse | July 9, 2019

That's Goofy

Boonedocks | July 9, 2019

@rishabh0428 Is your car a HW2.0?

rickrparker | July 9, 2019

Is the setting "3 car lengths" or 3 second stopping time? I have my on 5, but I think its seconds not car lengths. I could be wrong.

rishabh0428 | July 9, 2019

Mine is a HW 2.5 Its the brake pedal slamming. Almost like the pedal is loose. i am going to have them check it out.

Anthony J. Parisio | July 9, 2019

I have had this sound when my distance is 3 or less. Now I am on 5. Much more chill. It feels safer. The sound was never loud. It never bothered me. It just seemed like something that would happen in an abrupt stop. In all my TACC cars non Tesla) 5 seems much better.

EVRider | July 9, 2019

@rickrparker: According to the manual, the following distance setting is time-based but not necessarily seconds:

“Each setting corresponds to a time-based distance that represents how long it takes for Model S, from its current location, to reach the location of the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of you.”

etigro | July 10, 2019

This appeared also for me recently on my S75D HW 2.5 (cannot really tell which software release). I have always add distance set to one and never got the hard braking before.
I used one because the distance was actually pretty big and people would constantly cut me off. Now I have the impression that one is much closer. In fact on a couple of accasion, I had to take over in fear of rear ending someone.
My guess is that they have adjusted the distance/time. I may need to go the @AJPArisio way and put the distance to 2 or 3.

Docbbc | July 14, 2019

MS 90D 2017. Same experience

sr.smr | July 14, 2019

This was always one of my biggest complaints. I understood the hard braking is because of ABS engaging. With AP1, this was a rare occurrence. Braking was applied far in advance of the vehicle ahead and more gradually. AP2 has far more aggressive braking and the accompanying harsh ABS sound. I hope the upgrade to HW3 and associated upcoming FSD software improvements will resolve this behavior.

PeteTopKevinBottom | September 12, 2019

This does the same thing on my 2018 Model S. It happens no matter what following distance I have autopilot set to. However, most of the time, I have it set to 5.

It sounds like a grating of the break lines. Specifically very close to the driver seat. In addition, it really seems to slam on the brakes at times when it really doesn't need to. It could easily coast to a much more normal stop. It seems like this would have a greater chance of me getting rear-ended, as well.

diamonds2 | September 13, 2019

June 2017 Model S: Same issue as PeteTopKevinBottom.

jdbarfod | March 24, 2020

Same problem as PeteTopKevinBottom.
I took it to a Service Center and they took a ride with me. Tech told me there was nothing for him to adjust so I just had to live with it.
Poor design of the brake pedal system.
I have a Mercedes and a Lexus both with adaptive cruise and none of them EVER make an uncontrolled and surprising sound like that.