What Should I Do? Cosmetic Issues at Pick-up

What Should I Do? Cosmetic Issues at Pick-up

I'm posting this to get your opinions and experiences with issues that may be similar to mine.

I picked up my brand new LR AWD Mode 3 with 13 miles on it from the Fremont Delivery Center on Saturday June 29th, 2019. This is the same day they had the Q2 End event with Elon and the gang there so suffice to say, it was pretty busy at the delivery center.

My pickup coordinator walked me to my car and we did the inspection. I pointed out a few spots that looked like smudged oil paint - the pickup coordinator got a bottle of product, sprayed and got most of the issues out except for 2 major blotches on the trunk, right by the handle, so itd be pretty obvious to me everytime I pop it open. The pickup coordinator said I could bring it back anytime in July and get it detailed and that should correct the issue. I felt this was a good solution so I accepted the vehicle.

Trunk Lid smudges:

I thought it was just a little extra detailing product that maybe the team didnt fully get off. My ENTIRE vehicle was covered in an oily film. I drove my car off and finally saw it in the light. It looks like it was the detail shops first time ever using a hand buffer:

Hood swirls:

Then a day later, I notice these 2 pretty large gashes in my seats by the rear headrest:

I made an appointment at the Fremont Service Center to get it addressed. When I showed up they were pretty hesitant to do anything at all. The Service center told me that their warranty doesnt cover cosmetic defects or issues and that theres nothing they can do so I had to get my pickup coordinator on the phone in order for them to honor the re-detailing. When I got it back, there were swaths of unblended wax and the 2 oil smudges remained. They didnt even want to acknowledge the gashes in the rear seat robotically repeating" contact your sales adviser, maybe they can help you out"

When I picked up my car at the end of the day, the smudges were still present but my Service Adviser wasnt around to talk to
after the re-detailing:

At this point, im not sure what to do. I havent tried reaching out to my sales adviser yet but will definitely do so on monday. What do you guys make of these spots and gashes? Can they be easily fixed or replaced? Should I try re-submitting a service ticket regarding the paint and seats? My experience with the Service Center wasnt the best and Id prefer not to go back to the Fremont Service Center if possible. Can we change our service advisers? Has anybody had any uck with getting a repaint? Do these splotches even warrant a re=paint or can i take them to a legit detail shop and get it buffed out?

ANy input would be great. I went back and forth whether or not I should post this but these flaws and Tesla's response/repair seem unacceptable for a $60k. Really worries me if this is how every service center transaction is going to be like.

Thanks for your input and wisdeom.

vmulla | July 13, 2019

Did you get pics of the issues AT pickup?

vmulla | July 13, 2019

And who did the re-detailing?

M3phan | July 13, 2019

Not all SCs are alike. Can you try another SC? It’s all in one’s approach, too.
The two near us have been terrific, and they took really good care of some cosmetic stuff for us after delivery last summer.

zubinsadegh | July 13, 2019

Yes, I did - I also pointed it out the sales adviser. Tesla did the re-detailing onsite

vmulla | July 13, 2019

What @M3phan said.

Whatever the case, you're better off if you have pics of the issues when you picked up the car. If not, who's to say you didn't mess up the car yourself?

vmulla | July 13, 2019

Oh ok. Then you're covered, Tesla takes care of it's customers. You're probably just dealing with a poor delivery person.

lbowroom | July 13, 2019

The paint issues are obvious and I can't see an argument where you would be the likely cause. Can't tell if the trunk blotches are under the clear or not. The swirls are clearly improperly used buffer but easily corrected with competence. Follow up.

Wilber | July 13, 2019

I dont see any gashes in the photo of the seat headrest area. can you describe them and where they are? can yo u provide a better photo?

vmulla | July 13, 2019

Not that it matters that much any more, but the lesson learnt is to avoid end of quarter mad rush to pick up the cars.

Foottraffic | July 13, 2019

The hood is an easy fix. Hopefully, you get a competent person that spends the time to detail your car right the next go around. Does the white haze spot feel greasy still? If it's on or very close to the surface of the clear coat, a good detail should be able to resolve it without much effort.

Are they gashes or creases?
For creases, you can try using a hair dry to warm up the area. Then gently rub the creases out. Then cool the area with cool air. I've had good results using this method on various vinyl stuff in the past. However, do reach out to Tesla before attempting to fix things yourself.

lbowroom | July 14, 2019

The paint issues are obvious but I also saw nothing unusual in the seat picture.

vmulla | July 14, 2019

@Foottraffic, @lbowroom,
I can't tell anything wrong with the seat either.

Only thing, I'd suggest - don't do anything until Tesla is done. Share what the final pics look like, and if other service center is helpful.

It's unfortunate that you've met an individual who is making you consider an other service center, running around to get legit concerns fixed on a new car isn't fun. Good luck.

raqball | July 14, 2019

Agree on finding another service center.. When I picked up mine there was a small blemish on the dash. I made an appointment at local SC and they are addressing it on Tuesday... Said if their upholstery specialist (guess they have someone come in once a week for upholstery) can't fix it they'll need to order a new dash.

Not happy with the blemish but thrilled with the SC...

lbowroom | July 14, 2019

Isn't Fremont the mothership? Should be able to get satisfaction there.

lilbean | July 14, 2019

Sorry about those swirls. I would not be happy about that.

Lonestar10_1999 | July 14, 2019

You may want to exercise your right to return the vehicle within the initial 7 day “no questions asked “ period. Whether you go through with it or not will depend on Tesla delivering you an M3 in brand new condition, which is what you paid for.

Don’t let it upset you. This is a business transaction.

Magic 8 Ball | July 14, 2019

You want it done right do it yourself. Not an excuse for TESLA but........................

creativeguy | July 14, 2019

lbowroom | July 14, 2019
Isn't Fremont the mothership? Should be able to get satisfaction there.

On the contrary, any Tesla employee in Fremont with a modicum of aptitude would likely be offered a job at the factory! As the only service center with a clear path for advancement, it could possibly be the WORST!

vmulla | July 14, 2019

Lonestar10_1999 | July 14, 2019
You may want to exercise your right to return the vehicle within the initial 7 day “no questions asked “ period...

That's $3750 on the line if the car is returned.

It's a reasonable expectation to get the car in good shape, and the OP has reasonable expectations for customer service.

It would be unfortunate if he has to return the car. That car would be sold for less, and still be serviced anyway.

Lonestar10_1999 | July 14, 2019

Vmulla, returning the car is a bargaining chip for negotiating with the DS/SC folks. I believe the OP feels that Tesla is not addressing the cosmetic issues. I agree that actually returning the car may be an overreaction but hopefully it won’t come to that. A little posturing may be all that is needed to get satisfaction.

rxlawdude | July 14, 2019

"I picked up my brand new LR AWD Mode 3 with 13 miles on it from the Fremont Delivery Center on Saturday June 29th, 2019."

He's long past the money back guarantee.

Lonestar10_1999 | July 14, 2019

Rxlawdude - true but he may have to escalate if the cosmetic flaws documented at delivery are ignored.