Collision and Proximity Warning

Collision and Proximity Warning

Unhappy with the abruptness and loudness of the collision and proximity warnings. Scares the crap out of me. Is there a way to adjust the volume? Moreover, I find that when any of these warnings go off its often not readily apparent where the issue is unless I look DOWN at the screen. This seems to be the worst choice. One software fix would be to use the sound system to "place" the warning sound in the direction of the danger. Make it sound like it comes directly in front for dangers ahead. Behind the head for cars approaching too fast. And on the side where a car is coming up in the blind spot. Similar system could be used to tell the driver when someone is in the blind spot. When the turn signal is activated a gentle sound could be placed over the left or right shoulder. Finally, Tesla should incorporate warning signals in the mirrors for the visual cues for cars coming up in the blind spot. As an example, if I am moving left, I should get a visual cue in the left mirror, where I should be looking anyway (along with over the shoulder), but I should NOT be looking down to the right.

Mike UpNorth | July 15, 2019


hugh | July 15, 2019

@dan : +1

Your detailed suggestions for improvements may help, but my feedback is more blunt: the "nanny" level sensitivity of the collision warning system is dysfunctional in traffic. At least here in Boston, cars are routinely within the system's perceived "danger zone" and they cause repeated and unnecessary warnings. I know damn well when I am braking hard as I approach the car in front of me, usually trying to prevent some jerk from cutting in. I don't need audio and visual cues to tell me that!

If there is a toggle switch to turn the nanny off until Tesla gets the sensitivity right, someone please advise,

RES IPSA | July 15, 2019

You can change the sensitivity to "late" That is what I did to get rid of the warnings going off as I drive down a residential street that is slightly narrow with parked cars along the side of the street

pmagid | July 17, 2019

+1 for the idea of placing the warning with the sound system....