Flurry of FW updates and now relative quiet for the last couple of weeks

Flurry of FW updates and now relative quiet for the last couple of weeks

Anyone else notice that about three weeks back there were quite a number of firmware releases and recently there has not been much. Probably correlates with the news we have seen re Elon Musk's dissatisfaction with FSD progress and the restructuring related to that....

pmagid | July 16, 2019

I watch teslafi's firmware page so its that plus what I am personally experiencing with my vehicle....

howard | July 16, 2019

Delay in changing over the software platform to support the HW3 rollout. It has got to happen at some point in the near future I would think.

pmagid | July 16, 2019

@howard that is another possible explanation that I had not contemplated.... I hope you are right...

shank15217 | July 17, 2019

@Howard Its being developed in parallel for nearly the last 10 months. HW3 is essentially a much faster computer with better fault tolerance.

lunde | July 17, 2019

It looks like the Model 3 is starting to receive 2019.24.1 as of today.

raqball | July 17, 2019

I've not experience this fury of updates.. I have a HW3 car and when it was picked up it was on 2019.15.103. Last week I was updated to 2019.15.104.

Yesterday during my SC visit I was told 2019.15.104 is the most recent for my car config and there is nothing new for it...

RichardKJ | July 17, 2019

My LR RWD is a year old (so definitely HW 2.5). I received 4 updates in June but none yet in July. Currently on 20.4.2.

Magic 8 Ball | July 17, 2019

I have a firmware jones, I need a hit.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | July 17, 2019

I have a LR RWD, HW3, updated last week to 20.4.4

howard | July 17, 2019

Currently on 20.4.2.

tesla1 | July 17, 2019

Only Tesla owners complain about the car being stale because of no update in the last couple of weeks. hahahhaah

Mr. Spacely | July 17, 2019

We are spoiled. As a Tesla owner it is amazing to see car commercials or hear folks talk about buying some "new" ICE car. I literally could not imagine ever buying a car that is not 1. electric 2. somewhat self driving. (The electric part is due to efficiency, noise and pollution. I am as conservative politically as you can get.)

jjgunn | July 17, 2019

My Model X 100D is updating right now.

Just got the 22" Pirelli Scorpions put on!