Tesla Software Support for Superchargers

Tesla Software Support for Superchargers

Last weekend we stopped at a supercharger with 10 stalls that has been mostly empty during previous visits.

This time, after we plugged in - all 10 stalls were in use, with most used by Model 3's.

As the stalls started emptying, one of the Model 3's tried to switch stalls in order to get faster charger, unaware of what the A/B labels meant - and ended up moving from one stall sharing a charger to another stall also being shared.

This experience highlights the need for Tesla to do more with the onboard software to help owners in using the superchargers.

Some specific suggestions:

1. When at or getting close to a supercharger location, the console should recommend which stalls are the best choice, based on current usage
2. A reminder should be displayed on the console recommending the car be moved when it has completed charging
3. The smartphone app should provide the same type of information - recommended stall(s) to use, and also help with reminding owners to move their cars

Tesla has huge advantages over the other manufacturers because they control the onboard/smartphone app software and the charging stations - and could do more to help more efficiently use and share the superchargers, helping Tesla owners to charge more effectively and helping Tesla to stretch the limited supercharger resources further.

jimglas | July 17, 2019

Also a Que, based upon time of arrival

EVRider | July 17, 2019

From what others have reported, the "real time" supercharger stall usage displayed in the car isn't always quite real time, but maybe that has improved.

Note that the smartphone app does tell you when charging is finished. So does the touchscreen.

Having the car recommend which stall(s) to use based on sharing and current SOC would be cool.

SO | July 17, 2019

It’ll be even cooler once Tesla switches out the shared stalls with standalone stalls.

bp | July 18, 2019

When we encountered problems at one supercharger location a year ago, we called Tesla - and they were aware several of the chargers were having problems and unable to deliver the full charging rate - and recommended a specific charger for us to use.

Tesla has a lot of information about the chargers - that they collect from owner reports and from the vehicles themselves.

Tesla could help supercharger users considerably by using this information to help drivers select the best available chargers - and to encourage people to charge and then move on.

wagner.kyle88 | August 2, 2019

If you are too dumb to figure out the A/B and that sharing a unit decreases charge speed for both, than I am really surprised you were successful enough to have afforded a Tesla.

TabascoGuy | August 2, 2019

Didn't you just say this in another thread about 2 minutes ago "Try to be as good as we are. Maybe not surprisingly, it turns out that when you tell people you hate them, they don't care for it."?

Hypocrite much?