Model X Phantom Drain

Model X Phantom Drain

Hello, I have a new Tesla Model X and was losing about 15 miles of charge after a schedule charge at midnight each night. This was happening consistently. I left the card unlock in my garage. It seems the problem is fixed, minimal phantom drain when the car is locked. I checked with Tesla customer chat service and they said that the car must be locked in order for the front monitor to go off an for the car to sleep. Is there any any way to have the Tesla X sleep and not keep the driver side monitor on while unlocked? Normally in my garage, I like to keep my cars unlocked.

hendersonsprings | July 26, 2019

I was traumatized very early by a garage fire we had at our house. 3 brand new cars were destroyed and my 17 year older brother could not save any of them because they were all locked. He was burned trying. 60 years later I have 4 vehicles all with their keys in them in the garage. No mas.

johnse | July 29, 2019

There is an option to turn the car off in one of the menus. You can turn the car off, and it won't come on again until you hit the brake. I don't know if you can charge it in this mode. I don't think the Tesla App can talk to it without waking it up either.

20854 | July 30, 2019

When unplugged, I lose 1-2 miles per night. | July 30, 2019

Something doesn't sound right. As soon as all doors are closed (locked or unlocked) my screen goes off immediately. If I connect to the charge port at home, the instrument cluster comes on for maybe 10 seconds and goes out.

Now I forget if there is an option to disable auto-locking as it locks when you walk away with the FOB.

While I didn't try this, close the door, and leave the FOB sitting on the side mirror. The car may remain unlocked and powered off. If this works, I suspect the FOB battery will run down quicker - perhaps in a few months- as it communicates with the car. It may also leave some systems partly powered up, negating the value in doing this.

Vawlkus | July 31, 2019

With the fob that close, the car will continually cycle through locked and unlocked states. I see this when I’m at car shows. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect leaving the fob nearby will increase the phantom drain. YMMV.