Falcon door / rain

Falcon door / rain

Quick question, and sorry if this is already in another thread.

We have a CPO Tesla model x we love, after the first rain fall in it we opened a door and a small stream poured into the car... chalked it up to a one time occurrence.

3 months later it still happens during a storm or well after it but only in one side. No matter how I’m parked or where i am.

Do other have this problem? Covered under warranty?

lilbean | August 12, 2019

Was it the right?

LTR | August 12, 2019

They can adjust the seals if they are crimped down and not collecting water. For me, it was covered under warranty. Helped it a lot. But end of the day, opening FWDs with heavy water load will likely cause some water coming into the car. Design flaw...but still LOVE MY X.

mbp11 | August 12, 2019

I had a similar problem and found the solution in a discussion in December 2018. I copying the posts

Model X Guy | December 3, 2018
See my post here:

Model X Guy | December 3, 2018
Pictures are in this post:

I did this to my MX and it works great

Mike P

artc1688 | August 12, 2019

Encountered a light rain and asked the Tesla service personnel about the cause. (2 months old MX)
he stated it is "normal" to get wet and checked the gasket; confirmed everything looks fine..
Oregon rains and this is going to be an issue!!

Patela2oh | August 13, 2019

It’s the passager side; also forgot to mention it’s a 2016 Incase that matters.

The weird part is the door opens then after 2-3 seconds then there is a stream of water that hits the captains chair / seat belt buckle & the floor. It’s not falling rain... it feels like a bad gasket not a big enough channel etc.

lilbean | August 13, 2019

Yep, there was a problem with pinched seals on the passenger side.

Vawlkus | August 13, 2019

I had that. Just had the seal glued down and it solved the problem completely.