Hot Car deaths. New laws propose automakers provide warning built in to car...

Hot Car deaths. New laws propose automakers provide warning built in to car...

With approx. 38 child deaths this year ( can't verify this but heard it on the news) legislators are proposing new law to force auto manufacturers to install Hot Car warnings to notify or alert driver that something is in the back seat your kid!

Dog mode etc does not meet this requirement for obvious reasons.
Please be the first do do a little software magic and make this possible ASAP for the sake of the victims, families.. and secondarily, to once again put TESLA in the forefront of the news as THE premier car that is truly a SAFE car, not only in crashes, or for your pets... but most importantly our kids!

Thank you!
Rich Settembre | August 20, 2019

@rsettembre, I'm unaware of any child deaths in a Tesla. It has overheat protection in every S/X and 3 made since 2012, which is not dog mode. Perhaps all cars should be designed to have overheat protection, which is fully automatic, but very difficult in an ICE car. Have you complained to other car companies to include overheat protection or any protection?

Seat use detection seems problematic to me. Some kids will be on the floor, in a car seat or positions where a seat sensor may not work. I don't have kids, but often have packages and other stuff in the back seat. Does this mean I'll have annoying alarms going off every time I exit the car? This really doesn't seem well thought out.

andy.connor.e | August 20, 2019

Wow pretty irresponsible people leaving their kids in the car, to put the responsibility of the product manufacturers to remind parents that they have kids with them. What happened to #Parenting

Neomaxizoomdweebie | August 20, 2019

Laws requiring parents to not kill their kids are a good thing.

jordanrichard | August 20, 2019

Not to come off as cold hearted, but how is this a new problem. Cars have been around since 1886 and people/law makers are reacting as if this is a new problem.

So lets say we require a whole new set of buzzers to alert you to there being some weight (kid) on the back seat and there are still deaths, then what? What happen to personal responsibility?

jordanrichard | August 20, 2019

I will also add, that the more beeps/dings/buzzes etc that you had to alert you everything, the more you start tuning it out. Anyone here even bother paying attention when a car alarm goes off in a parking lot anymore.......?

This is just lawmakers making it look like they are top of an issue. In other words, feel good legislation. Like the requirement for EVs to make noise at slow speeds like in a parking lot, to alert people. The basis of their logic for this law is that people will otherwise get hit because they won't hear an EV. Ok, then explain why people routinely get hit by cars with ICEs........?

Techy James | August 20, 2019 I agree. My two kids are all 24+ years old and have their own cars. Now the only time there is something in the back seat is a) i am taking the dogs to vet for checkup or b) picked up some stuff at the store. In the case of A, they are not left in car, be kind of odd to go into the vets office without the dogs.

@andy.connor.e I totally agree in the years I had kids I was responsible for I never left them in the car until they was old enough to know to get out, and even then it was typically only for items like running in to gas station to pay for gas after pumping it. I could never even image leaving a child in a car seat. Maybe when they are 14 and too cool to be seen in public with you (so they think anyways). Then sometimes you mess with them by waiting at the counter pretending like your busy till the finally break down and get out and come inside to see what is taking you so long.

I know it seems strange for this generation that you had to go in to pay for gas to an actual cashier since now with Electric cars you just plug it in when you get home. But before Tesla you actually had to get out of your car, and pump this smelly liquid into the car. This process always left a odor on your hand that took some powerful soap like Lava Soap or Orange Hand scrubber to get off.

lilbean | August 20, 2019

Automakers can’t be responsible for parents’ stupidity. So if the system happens to fail, the automaker is at fault? Ridiculous. Why can’t parents take their eyes off their phones for a second and look in the back seat before they walk away?

andy.connor.e | August 20, 2019

"I will also add, that the more beeps/dings/buzzes etc that you had to alert you everything, the more you start tuning it out."

This. I think people are not thinking anymore. Life has become such an automated routine.

andy.connor.e | August 20, 2019

"Why can’t parents take their eyes off their phones for a second and look in the back seat before they walk away?"

Facebook is more important than human life.

Techy James | August 20, 2019

@jordanrichard Actually I think the problem, is people are always looking for a way to blame someone else for their failures. I remember when Push Button Hybrid cars came out. People would forget after parking in garage to push the button to stop the car, then blamed the Manufacture after they nearly died in their own home from carbon monoxide poisoning. These is just another way young adults try to blame someone else on their failures.
The funny part of those Hybrids, they had those little annoying dingers if you opened the door without pushing the button just like older key cars would do if you left keys in ignition. Just as pointed out, people start to ignore those chimes/warnings so they become useless.
As for the car alarm, I start looking around for the stupid owner that forgot where they parked their car so I can pass by laughing at them for forgetting where the parked their car. PS both Apple and Google have an app for that so it's even double funny.

3.2 Mach | August 20, 2019

Let me take a shot at why people leave their kids in a car to die. There will be a substantial number of readers that will disagree with my hypothesis. Let’s ask ourselves why is this a relatively recent phenomenon? I’m in my 70’s and in my youth this was just unheard of but in this day and age, as noted above (38 deaths), it has become a problem. It is my opinion people today of child bearing age are far more introspective and I do not mean that to be a complement. Their introspection is more inclined toward a selfish ‘its all about me’ attitude. The result of this is a focus of the current day problems (at least in their mind) and forgetting about their progeny in the back seat probably sleeping in the car seat. This problem is further exacerbated by a population that has drifted further and further from respect for life. Disagree? Look at the abortion rates, mass murder rates, divorce rates, out of wedlock birthrates. All of these are influencers that add to the mix.

So what to do? By adding to the cost of a car to make it impossible to leave a child in a hot car punishes all of us, especially those of us who have no children. How about accountability? How about making it a felony murder charge to leave your child in a car resulting in death.

Magic 8 Ball | August 20, 2019

@3.2 It all started when participation trophies became a thing. Praise for everything and shunning those that tell others they did bad set up the whole "all about me" world we have to deal with. Kinder and gentler leads to complacency. Do people have actual friends they can talk it out with anymore or are friends just the people that give you a +1 on social media?

andy.connor.e | August 20, 2019

+1000 @3.2 Mach.

I agree with everything you have just said. And to add, the increased amount of distractions young parents have today with technology only adds to it. And the fact that everyone can get away with anything because they can blame something else, has completely ridden people of taking any personal responsibility.

stevenmaifert | August 20, 2019

You can't fix stupidity with legislation.

TabascoGuy | August 20, 2019

Also, we don't have the corner market on stupidity. It goes back quite a bit longer than some of you may think.

dmastro | August 21, 2019

It's amazing how many people have no clue. Do a little research and understand why this happens before you make half-baked assumptions about entitlement being the root cause. Hint: the human memory is faulty and not great at multitasking.

The technology is there to save lives, how many children have to die via preventable deaths before it's implemented? | August 21, 2019

@dmastro - How many people must die in auto accidents each year via preventable deaths before other automakers build safe cars like Tesla? The number of children killed in auto accidents is likely 1,000 times greater than anything this law might do. Still saving more lives is a noble goal.

I suspect the reason the idea of this law is not appreciated here, as it doesn't affect Tesla owners. Might be a more suitable discussion for other automakers who don't have overheat protection and lack many safety systems that Tesla already includes standard in every car they make.

dmastro | August 21, 2019

TeslaTap: not a great argument. I’m a supporter of the “nags” and safety systems in modern cars.

It’s great that Tesla is forward thinking and has dog mode and overheat protection. They’re a great step in the right direction.

All manufacturers should install the safety features meant to help those who are unable to help themselves.

andy.connor.e | August 21, 2019

We need robots to take care of our kids. Parents are not responsible enough anymore.

TranzNDance | August 21, 2019

In some of the cases where children were forgotten in cars, it was because there was a change in the routine. A parent who usually did not do drop-off, drove on the usual route to work and did not think to check because they never had a child in the car at work. Human memory is faulty and we do routine things automatically, and that could be a fatal combination. The parents this happened to were flawed, but they weren't necessarily horrible stupid people.

Magic 8 Ball | August 21, 2019

Darwin was on to something. Back when we had the med fly invasion a friend of mine created a T-shirt that said "Mutate or Die", slogan is timeless. While it is true that those that forget stuff like leaving babies in hot cars are not necessarily horrible people the example they set should be a learning experience for all.

andy.connor.e | August 21, 2019

Or thats the excuse to avoid child services.

stevenmaifert | August 22, 2019

TT - Even Tesla owners have to have the presence of mind to turn on the overheat protection. If they are dumb enough to forget they left their kids in the car, what are the chances they have activated that protection prior. | August 22, 2019

There are no dumb Tesla owners (I hope)!

I thought overheat protection is on by default, but I may be wrong on this.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2019

Overheat protection is automatic. It’s leaving the climate control on that you have to remember.

stevenmaifert | August 23, 2019

The Cabin Overheat Protection may be ON as a default setting, but it can be turned off by folks dumb enough to leave their kids in a hot car to save a few kWh:

andy.connor.e | August 23, 2019

There will always be a way to blame something else if automakers try to be people's parents.

geo.teepe | August 23, 2019

Auto makers offering it and legislating it are to entirely things

andy.connor.e | August 23, 2019

Whether its offered or by law, people will blame everything but themselves. Hint, they already do.

mk4ce | August 23, 2019

A message to everyone opposed to a law or system that saves children's lives from hot car deaths: Think back to your own personal experiences. What is the WORST mistake you've ever made? What’s the most horrible thing you’ve done? Now think: WHY did you do it? Did you purposefully do this mistake or horrible thing? I’ll answer for you: highly doubtful. Humans have many distractions and are not perfect. Tragic events, such as kids dying in hot cars, happen and they are very preventable. However, they are happening and it’s truly heartbreaking. I think there’s nothing wrong with a little help from the government implementing something that will save lives. Similar reason seat belts were standardized. Or wearing a motorcycle helmet in certain US states. Or making back up cameras and tire pressure monitor systems required in new vehicles. Intelligent people must look out for those who are, for lack of a better word, less intelligent. It’s not the children’s fault they have very forgetful, distracted parents. It takes a village to raise a child.

andy.connor.e | August 23, 2019

"It’s not the children’s fault they have very forgetful, distracted parents."

It isnt the childs fault, but its certainly unfortunate for the child.

And to clarify, no one is against this law because we dont care about saving lives. We are discussing the principal of the sheer fact that there is a necessity for a law like this. This law would not be applicable to me so i dont care. All i say is that i have the ability to turn it off, because i have severe asthma and alot of the times i dont want outside air in my cabin.

Jodi3734 | August 23, 2019

Are we really lumping high mass murder rates in with divorce rates and out of wedlock birthrates on this forum now? I’m a highly successful business owner and proud mom of a great kid and I’m guilty of 2 out of 3 of those. I’ll leave you guessing on which one I haven’t done. ;)

Question: isn’t this forum about cars?

Yodrak. | August 24, 2019

"But before Tesla you actually had to get out of your car, and pump this smelly liquid into the car."

And before you had self-serve, you stayed in your car with the kids, or pets, while someone else pumped your gas and took the payment. (Still do in 2 states.)

NKYTA | August 24, 2019

Oregon. And NJ?

stevenmaifert | August 24, 2019

Looks like we need legislation for stupid cops too: | August 24, 2019

Must be more to that K9 story. Police cars here are wired and designed to keep running even when locked. The power is needed for all the electronics and should keep the car cool. In a rush, they can't wait 2-3 minutes for the laptop to boot up either. Perhaps the car died due to a mechanical issue or ran out of fuel. Too bad they didn't have a Tesla.

Yodrak. | August 24, 2019

New Jersey, and Oregon? Between the two of us we've got it.

Still thinking about the days when gas stations had mechanics bays rather than convenience stores, and the bathrooms around back smelled so bad that the gas pumps were like perfume. The 'good old days' - not.

Doowopqueen | August 25, 2019

@TeslaTap and @StevenMaifert: There was a failure in the techology that kept the car cool enough for the dog. The officer is disconsolate. According to reports, it's standard procedure to leave the K9 officers in the car, but the system failed both dog and handler.

I don't have a dog, but if I did, I wouldn't rely on technology--even TEsla's--to replace concern.

stevenmaifert | August 26, 2019

Perhaps the standard procedure needs to be modified. Leave the officer in the car and let the dog fetch the doughnuts and coffee.

andy.connor.e | August 26, 2019

dog probably less likely to shoot someone