Operation Bike Rack

Operation Bike Rack

I've started to look into getting a bike rack and am having a bit of confusion. Can someone please verify if a tow package is required to put a bike rack on the X? Or do you just need an accessory hitch? Thanks.

lilbean | September 6, 2019

You just need an accessory hitch.

dskendall | September 9, 2019

Sounds like Tesla no longer offers an accessory hitch as a stand-alone.
Is there another preferred option?

lilbean | September 9, 2019

I don't even see the tow package as an option.

jimglas | September 10, 2019

@lilbean: that sucks. The hitch is one of the reasons I bought the X

lilbean | September 10, 2019

I know. Me too. Am I missing something? I tried to configure an X with it and I didn't see the option.

CatTrax | September 10, 2019

The hitch is now standard with the new MX's (Raven). I ordered mine on July 24th. Prior to ordering I was researching the hitch issue too because at one time it was an option and then I learned that it was now standard equipment. The MX arrived as promised with the hitch receiver in built into the rear and the removable hitch assembly in a Tesla bag found in the rear trunk.

lilbean | September 10, 2019

That’s good news. Thanks!

jimglas | September 11, 2019

thanks for the info CatTrax

RAUDIKAL | September 23, 2019

The accessory hitch option, while it was offered on Tesla website, was never in stock.

jonathangreene | October 1, 2019

Got mine on Saturday ... small hitch attachment was in the front trunk ...haven’t used it yet but should be similar in use to our prior cars and able to connect with our Kuat rack. It’s a 2” connector.

freemarket | October 1, 2019

Got my MX Friday 9/27. Confirmed, it had the hitch connector in the rear trunk. I used the 2” connector for my Thule bike rack. It works awesome. Super solid connection. I was impressed. I had to YouTube how to insert it after trying myself and still missed the important part because I fast forward through the important part. Lol!

Found out by accident in trial and error to pull the main rotating lock on the side out and away before wheeling it forward. Then you insert it and it snaps in place. Seriously, not sure how those little bearings hold for 5,000 lbs of tow and fit so snug, but it is rock solid!

losangelesram | October 3, 2019

You do need the hitch installed. It is about a 3 minute job. There are YT videos to explain. One of the guys at the TSC tried to charge me $195 for it but when I pointed out it came with the car and should have been installed in the first place, he offered to do it for free.

But by that time I did some research and found an Yakima Full Tilt 4, which I believe is the OEM, and they offered to install the hitch and the Yakima for free. Tesla retails for $529, Yakima for $419, usually less with a discount.

It is solid and heavy but can move away when you want to open the trunk. You just need to unload your bikes first.

I saved a lot of money too!