SolarEdge Monitoring not working

SolarEdge Monitoring not working

I just brought my Solar system online. A few days afterwards, I called Tesla, and requested access to the SolarEdge monitoring platform. Much to my surprise, they complied. Unfortunately, I see the layout of my system in SolarEdge, but the actual production data feed ends on 8/28.

I called Tesla, who bounced me to SolarEdge. When I called SolarEdge, they told me that I'd have to run a direct ethernet wire into the inverter, and once I did that, the Tesla app would no longer receive any data.

Based on some posts in this forum, I was under the impression I could have both the SolarEdge and Tesla apps working.

Does anybody have both?

mkapras | September 12, 2019

Yes. My SolarEdge inverter reports using Ethernet over powerline and the SolarEdge app works just fine on my phone. I also see the solar power being produced through my Tesla app.