2019 model S efficiency- Awesome!

2019 model S efficiency- Awesome!

I previously owned a 2016 P90D, averaged 307 KW per mile over 70K miles.
My new 2019 model S performance is averaging 260KW per miles over the first 6000 miles.

The efficiency improvement with the motor changes they made this spring is amazing!

Way to go Tesla for making the best sedan on the market continuously better!


drew | September 11, 2019

sorry I meant watts per mile not KW

chungylau | September 11, 2019

watt-hours per mile.

hiimphilll | September 11, 2019

so you’re saying you drive faster in the p90d ;)

PrescottRichard | September 11, 2019

Pretty good numbers, and it charges faster at SCs too!

How do you like the new suspension? | September 12, 2019

Agreed....2014 P85DL averaged 320 Wh/m, new Raven Performance averaging 280 Wh/m through 2500 mixed miles. Like the new suspension better (and I had one of the first P85D's with the old P85+ suspension).

drew | September 12, 2019

The new suspension was noticeable immediately. it's a very smooth ride. The sport mode is more like the older suspension.

jbdvm1988 | September 14, 2019

Just traded in my 2016 90D for a new 100 D yesterday. Drove 180 miles home from Chicago to Michigan and had around 240wh/mile. Very impressive. I second Drew’s observation that the sport setting is like my older S90D spring suspension. Over a stretch of rough road I switched back and for between settings and the ride quality is so much smoother. The cabin is quieter also. I can hear my music with a lower volume. There is less road and wind noise

cornellio | September 15, 2019

Your guys are making it really hard for me to no want to trade in my 2015 Model S.

jbdvm1988 | September 15, 2019

One odd thing with the new long range “S” I received is that it appears to have only 358 miles of range not 370. With the soc at various percentages the math works out to 100% charge=370 miles. I’ve read of this exact result for another new owner as well

Baltazar | September 15, 2019

@ jbdvm1988
Does your post mean that you will not notice improved coushy Raven suspension f you drive Ludicrous on Raven?

jbdvm1988 | September 16, 2019

@baltazar. What I meant was over rough roads the sport setting was similar to my 2016 coil spring suspension. The comfort mode was able to absorb the impacts of bumps and make the ride noticeably smoother but not floaty like old style Cadillac or Lexus cars. I did not purchase a performance/ludicrous capable car. Michigan already has THE highest auto insurance and I hated to pay more insurance fees. However my 6 yr old grandson and 3 yr old granddaughter adore quick launches in the S.