Tesla is cutting corners again!

Tesla is cutting corners again!

There, did it get your attention? This is the kind of headline that shorts and trolls (you know exactly who you are, douchebags) love to sprout.

But seriously, Tesla is cutting corners in development for the upcoming Roadster II and plaid S/X. This tri-motors set up is nothing new at Tesla. In fact, all the monday morning quarterbacks fell asleep at the wheels for about 18 months now.

Nothing new you say?

Yeah, Tesla unveil this design with the Semi last Spring with the exact tri-motors configuration for the 80K pounds load for the 18 wheelers. This drive train is being reused for the plaid version of S/X/R2.

Don't you just love it when a bleeding edge company reuses its hardware and configuration for multiple product lines? That will accelerate development time and trim costs by a mile. It is akin to extending a class/inheritance in programming. You nerds know what I'm talking about...

Poor Porsche with its 7 years to develop a Tesla killer. They can't even match up to a P85+. What a shame! Now take take up the wazoo, douchebags!

akikiki | September 13, 2019

How many time over the last 60 years have I seen "New and Improved" on a box of Tide detergent.
If it really has been improved all this many times, it should clean and also prevent cancer.

Tropopause | September 13, 2019

I just watched a YouTube video from Tesla Time News. They quoted that Porsche spent over $7B US to develop Taycan, while Tesla has spent $6B US over it's entire existence to develop everything it sells.

Mathew98 | September 14, 2019

@Tropopause - Perhaps Porsche needed an extra $billion or two for the two gears transmission.

We get Roadster, S, X, 3, Y, Semi, and Roadster 2 for a measly $6B in development. Wow, that's a bargain 6 for 1 deal. Let traditional ICE makers catch up. Seems like they slip a year for every 6 months of dev...

Mike83 | September 14, 2019

Tropopause Thanks
I saw that episode and it has some great facts. Advertisers will say anything for a buck. The one clip where a German guy is salivating over the knobs in the car is simply funny as hell.

Mike83 | September 14, 2019

I wanted to add; I love S3XY. Porsche has eaten too many Kartoffels.

Tropopause | September 14, 2019

With an R&D cost of $7B, I wonder what Taycan's profit margin will be or if the $90,000 Base Version will ever be economically feasible?

Reminds me of The Three Little Pigs. Tesla is the one spending so much effort building the "brick house" while Big Auto goofs-off, putting minimal effort to build from straw or stick. Now the competition wonders why they are so far behind. Even Porsche's $7B investment comes short compared with Tesla. Elon makes everything LOOK easy.