Navigate on AP still requires lane change confirmation?

Navigate on AP still requires lane change confirmation?

Does anyone know if there is a way it will just do the lame changes without my input? I thought v.10 was supposed to do that?

stingray.don | September 29, 2019

It is configurable in the AP menu

hamiltonned | September 29, 2019

And has been configurable for past several versions. Not unique to V10.

StealthP3D | September 29, 2019

I have turn mine to off and it still requires me to hit the stalk or give it a jerk. You guys can confirm that it does lane changes on it's own?

82bert | September 29, 2019

Yes. It’s in the Autopilot options. It just needs confirmation your hand is on wheel, no different than driving on AP.

M3phan | September 29, 2019

You don’t have to jerk the wheel if you keep your hand resting on it.

2015P90DI | September 29, 2019

I doesn't require a confirmation of the lane change per say, but does automatically result in the steering wheel nag to ensure that you are paying attention at the moment of the lane change. If you have have your hands on the steering wheel as we're supposed to, then it's no different than your standard nag. The only difference is the timing of it. When it's ready to make that lane change, the nag will immediately precede it. So, it's kind of an indirect confirmation, but if you've already found your position on the wheel to avoid the regular nags, then you won't have to do anything different when lane changes come up.

Resist | September 30, 2019

StealthP3D - Your car is not asking for confirmation but it does require you to keep your hands on the steering wheel. If it doesn't feel pressure on the wheel it won't make the lane change, which many think it still is considered confirmation but acceding to Tesla it isn't.

SalisburySam | September 30, 2019

From my view, there is no confirmation-free automatic lane changes. With the software set to require confirmation you initiate or agree to a lane change by applying the left or right turn signal. With confirmation not required under NoA, you must react to a proposed lane change by slightly torquing the steering wheel but not hard enough to disengage AutoSteer. Either way, from the driver’s view, you have to do something hence neither is really confirmation-free. I much prefer the turn signal approach since it is intuitive. The steering wheel torque requires just-enough-but-not-too-much torquing and I frequently end up disengaging everything.

benichols | September 30, 2019

Automatic lane change requires that your hand be actively on the wheel and creating some mild rotational force. This is THE SAME force required for AutoSteer. If you are not doing that, then you likely don't have your hand on the wheel and are driving in an unsafe manner. Keep you hand on the wheel with the weight of your hand and you'll never have to "confirm" a lane change.

EVRider | September 30, 2019

Note that NoA lane changes to take an exit do NOT require confirmation, regardless of your confirmation setting.

dbeckmann | November 20, 2019

This is terrific information on this thread. Very much appreciated! I've been experiencing the same issue on my 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD. I, too, thought the car would move and/or change without input. It has, in fact, done that a few times. But the "hands on the wheel" is - at least 99% of the time time - still required. I thought I was doing something wrong...or the computer was "off" in some way. Thanks, all, for the input. Makes sense to me. Maybe HW3 will allow for changes without hands on. We'll see...

EVRider | November 20, 2019