2017 MS90D FSD 2019.32.11 - Enhanced Summon is a JOKE!

2017 MS90D FSD 2019.32.11 - Enhanced Summon is a JOKE!

2017 MS90D FSD AP2.0 v2019.32.11

I received the update yesterday. I did the standard reboot after the update.

FAIL #1) I drove from Texas to Oklahoma for a concert. The car performed normally. I did drive manually most of the time. On the way home, I stopped at the SuperCharger in Southlake, TX. It was after 11PM and the lot was vacant except a couple of cars (no where near the Tesla chargers). I decided to park my car in the regular lot and summon it to the charger. All the car had to do was pull forward and turn right. There were no other cars, so the car could have simply turned right. I was standing roughly 50FT from the car. First the car went into reverse and cut the wheel to point towards me. Instead of driving forward to me, it switched to drive and continued turning away from me (almost clipping a light pole). The car then froze. I gave up. While I was charging, a Model 3 pulled up. When he finished charging, he unplugged the cable and walked into the middle of the lot. The car performed a PERFECT enhanced summon including turn signals when needed.

FAIL #2) I was picking up dinner at a strip shopping center. I backed the car into a spot three spots over and across the aisle from the door. It was the evening and the lot was fairly empty. After I got my food, I stood outside the door and initiated an enhanced summon. All the car had to do is pull forward and turn left. It started to pull forward. Then it went into reverse and pointed away from me towards a parked car. When it shifted into drive and began driving towards the parked car, I stopped the summon.

What is going on Tesla???

NKYTA | September 29, 2019

You should start the Summons then.

Thanks for helping the car learn.

NKYTA | September 29, 2019

What’s going wrong Texas??

TMcC | September 29, 2019

Unfortunately, I have to agree. 2017 MS100D, MCU1, AP2.5. I tried to just pull the car out of the garage and have it turn left and go about another 50'. It started out fine but then turned too hard to the left and stopped hard (by itself) just 2" from hitting the side of the door opening. It then turned the wheels hard to the right and I lost my nerve and stopped it.

Then I drove it out clear of the garage and tried smart summon again. This time it just had to back up a bit then pull forward about 100'. Started fine again, then going up a slight incline and it just stopped about 50' short. It wouldn't do anything at that point. I couldn't even start another smart summon. In my mind, epic fail.

So I am underwhelmed, to say the least. Maybe once the AP3 hardware is installed it will be able to handle smart summon, but it ain't there yet.

I still love the car, but...

TSLC | September 29, 2019

EAP AP2.0 MCU1 2019.32.11

Got V10 this evening and tried out a few tests.

1. Maximum allowable distance in a well marked lot head in a parking spot. Using “come to me” the vehicle backed out and followed the path slowing for intersections separated by medians and used turn signals appropriately. It avoided driving through the empty lines and stayed on it he correct side of the main roadway. I continued to hold down the button once it arrived causing it to keep coming and turn right across the spaces to my exact location. I should have stopped once it pulled up along side. It executed both tests in this well marked and divided parking lot well.

2. Tested in a brightly lit car lot and stood half the allowed distance away. This was a more complex effort and it got confused and started to turn away from me corrected and came toward me adjusting for a curb. This should have been simpler for it.

3. Tested in an unmarked darkly lit lot and there was some odd things going on and it could not decide on a path to take or where ultimately to stop.

I am impressed. Yet like summon and AutoPark must be monitored very closely and used when it makes sense for the safety of others and protection of your personal property. We are off to a great first start and I look forward to future improvement. | September 30, 2019

Smart Summon is designed to work in parking lots and only if the car is well away from public streets and roads. If the car feels it is too close to a street it will not function. It is not designed to function from your home garage, yet. Too close to a road.

adspguy | September 30, 2019

I tried it this morning in the parking lot of the gym I go to. It backed out of the space, went forwards a bit and decided it hadn't pulled out enough to make the turn so it backed up again. It then went straight and made a right turn at the end of the row towards where I was, pausing and signalling. I had walked about 5 steps closer to where it was after it started, to see it better. It came right towards my new location and then stopped right in front of me saying, "waiting for pedestrians" while it was heading towards the original location. Glad it saw me :)

adspguy | September 30, 2019

2016 90d ap2/mcu1