Swapping out USB ports

Swapping out USB ports

I'm replacing the USB ports on my 2013 Model S because one of my ports is broken. I have a new unit and I want to make sure that I don't mess up anything in taking apart the console to replace the USB unit. Does anyone know the best and safest way to take it apart? I looked endlessly for videos to no avail and can't seem to locate any documentation. Any help would be appreciated.

mvppaul | October 1, 2019

Anyone? Could really use some help on this ....

EVRider | October 2, 2019

Most people would use Tesla Service to do this, so there might not be many who can help.

CygnusX-1 | October 2, 2019

Silver2K posted on this forum a "Model S 2012-2016 Service Manual" try doing a search or just Google it. That should give you the information you need.

mvppaul | October 2, 2019

Thanks CygnusX-1. By the way, your taste in music is impeccable! Go Rush! | October 2, 2019

@mvppaul - Are you installing just the USB connector, or replacing the MCU which has the electronics to connect to the USB port? Both are non-trivial projects. I've had much of my car apart, but not either of these two. I can tell they are a bit of a pain, although I expect replacing the USB port will be easier. The MCU requires much of the dash to be taken apart. I've taken about 1/2 of it apart years ago and got stuck with part of the dash that just wouldn't release (held in with very tight snaps). It's wasn't all that important to my project of adding a subwoofer amp, so I gave up. Curiosity has it limits :)

akikiki | October 2, 2019

mvppaul, I've accessed the USB ports on my '13 S once. I pulled the back panel from the back seat of the center console off. It had the same snaps used around the panels of the sides of the center console.

I hope this is the area you are trying to access.

To see what these snaps look like, you and simply pop the triangular panels at the ends of the dash off. Use a trim tool and pry. First one pops, then just pull out.