Navigation Waypoints

Navigation Waypoints

Incorporate waypoints into navigation. I believe Tesla navigation uses Google's underlying maps, which supports multiple waypoints. Many times I have wished I could plan multiple waypoints on my journey.

Similar, Route preference. Am I correct that the only way to choose an alternate route is to just start driving it and hope the system adapts at some point of no-return?

F.vanalstine | October 3, 2019

If you start driving to a destination on a route different than what the trip computer decided, the car will figure that out eventually and reset to the route you are on. | October 3, 2019

@SpamMan - +1 - For the suggestions, I was hoping that these would be in V10 , every morning on my way to work I have to disengage NOA to take a better route than what the car wants to take, I wish I could enter a preferred route and set it once. Also this weekend are taking a trip into the mountains to see the fall colors, so we want to take a scenic route, it would be nice to plan the exact route and send it to the car.

bjrosen | October 3, 2019

The navigation is my one big complaint about the car. The single waypoint is a huge fail, Tesla's nav doesn't even understand the concept of a roundtrip so it can't plan Supercharger stops effectively. It also lacks an Avoid Highways option which is what you want when you take a trip like is talking about. I do those trips all the time, when I go to Vermont I want to be on a rural mountain road, not an Interstate, when I go to Maine I want to drive along the coast not on a superhighway. Even during a commute I prefer a back road to the highways, something that I could do easily with Android Auto but not with Tesla's navigation. For now we are forced to do workarounds, use Abetterrouteplanner to plan the trip then put waypoints into Google Calendar, calendar events show up on the Tesla calendar, from there you can select them as a destination. Another way to do it is to look at a map and then pick an intermediate waypoint that forces you off of the highway, when you get there you can put in your final destination and Tesla's nav will have no choice but to choose the backroad you really want.

CharleyBC | October 3, 2019

This isn't perfect by any means, but I've found it helpful:

Before I start my trip, I navigate to each of my waypoints from home. I don't give a hoot about the routing at this point. It's just to get the waypoints into the Recent list in the Nav computer.

Then on departure morning, I really navigate to the first waypoint. From there, I touch Navigate, and pick my second waypoint from the Recent list. And so on. So once the journey is underway, it saves me having to look up addresses or whatever to describe the waypoints.

I am not arguing that this technique replaces true multi-waypoint navigation. But it's been helpful for me.

Magic 8 Ball | October 3, 2019

Who offers waypoints?

rob.kibler | October 3, 2019

@bjrosen, Thanks for the tip on using the calendar to get waypoints into the car. Nice idea.

bjrosen | October 3, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball, Google Maps offers a choice of routes and an avoid highways mode, with that combination you can get the route you want. Google Maps also does a much better job showing traffic and routing around it. Google Maps also has the ability to add waypoints to you route.

Multiple waypoints are more critical for a Tesla then they are for an ICEV. In an ICEV all you care about is taking the route you prefer, you don't have to worry about gas stations because there is one on every corner but there isn't a Supercharger on every corner, they are at best every 50 miles in many cases farther. Because Tesla's nav doesn't do round trips you could easily not have enough charge to get home if there isn't a Supercharger near you destination.

Magic 8 Ball | October 3, 2019

@bjrosen Which cars have waypoints integrated into the on board nav?

rob | October 3, 2019

Google maps has waypoints. My only complaint about Tesla maps is the lack of waypoints.

SteveWin1 | October 3, 2019

@CharleyBC, not a bad work around, for now. Thanks!

Devilstower | October 3, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball Which cars have waypoints integrated into the on board nav?

Well, every car that has Apple CarPlay for a start.

Magic 8 Ball | October 3, 2019

@Devilstower Well if waypoints are important to point where people feel the need to bash Tesla calling it a "huge fail" for not having them maybe they should get a car that has waypoints. I can understand the want but "huge fail" is troll talk.

Joseb | October 4, 2019

Waypoints would be nice to have, but for me they are not a most.
I consider current navigation system very fast, and reliable

dmastro | October 4, 2019

Magic 8 Ball | October 3, 2019
@bjrosen Which cars have waypoints integrated into the on board nav?

Not sure why it matters what other cars have. I don't think anyone made a comparison, but just pointed out a feature that would be convenient and useful. It's a feature I'd like to see in my Tesla (and I'm sure would be welcomed by owners of many other makes of cars as well).

And FWIW my 2017 Explorer in-car nav system had the feature to search for and add waypoints along the current route.

andy | October 4, 2019

Nissan Leaf has waypoints.

Features I also miss from the Leaf:

- speed limiter
- speed limit sign recognition from the cameras
- 360 parking camera with overhead view
- Apple CarPlay
- e-pedal
- charging start and stop timer
- timed cabin pre-heating

The Model 3 is the best car I’ve ever driven. It excels in drivability, range, charge speed, efficiency at motorway speeds and battery management, but it leaves room for its future software updates.

If doing feature requests then it would also be nice if the x to close windows was positioned near the driver and not at a stretch. It would also be good to simplify the infotainment interface and provide quick controls to switch between media types.

BuffaloBillsFan | October 4, 2019

I would love to be able to program waypoints! Get on it Mr. Musk! Allow us to program waypoints!! Great workaround @bjrosen! But Tesla should just allow us to program waypoints. It would be so much easier . . .

Effopec | October 4, 2019

@M8B - my 2014 Ford has waypoints in the nav. You can add them at any time on your route, so say you decide you want to stop for lunch & look up a restaurant, enter it in the nav and it asks you if this is your new destination or a waypoint.

When I made a round trip recently with no charger near my endpoint I had to pull up ABRP on the browser as I sat charging to make sure I had enough juice to make it to my destination, then back to the same SC on the return. This has been requested many times & doesn't seem too hard, but I'm sure Tesla has a whole list of software improvements they are working through.

Magic 8 Ball | October 4, 2019

My chartplotter on my boat has nav with waypoints, my Tesla does not, waaaaaaaah.

Waypoints in my car would be cool but I am not even close to bugging Tesla to putting them on the car, just not important to me.

dmastro | October 4, 2019

@M8B: Don't forget you're the one who turned this into a comparison against other cars. OP just made a feature suggestion - in a non-whiny fashion.

Why must you consistently distort and over-dramatize? Do you not have have enough excitement in real life?

Magic 8 Ball | October 4, 2019

Suggestions are fine. Perhaps you missed the post, before mine, that included: "The single waypoint is a huge fail.......". Were you assuming I was commenting about the OP's suggestion?

dmastro | October 4, 2019

I didn't read "whining" into any of the posts before yours, so it doesn't really matter which post you were referring to. I did not assume who you were replaying to since you didn't @ in your first post.

Nor did anyone before you make a comparison against other cars.

Magic 8 Ball | October 4, 2019

@dmastro I don't care about waypoints and I do not consider it a fail for not having them on my Tesla.

agoraya | October 4, 2019

My friend's VW Golf has great navigation - it can have as many waypoints as you wish to add in your route. This in a 3-year old gas car (plus Car Play and Android Auto and something else starting with "M" which I can't remember the name of right now). Shame on Tesla for crippling our nav.

fbasciano | October 4, 2019

Using navigation with waypoints would presumable allow me to vary my route and reconfigure the energy Consumption graph accordingly. I use this graph on road trips to confirm those sector portions. These graphs have proven to be very accurate and give me and my family good predictive peace of mind..

I am planning on circling the Olympic Peninsula and it gives me one route only (the shortest) which is nice, but we wish to go both ways and until the Forks supercharger is built I will be close on energy usage.

Ruby110 | October 4, 2019

@CharleyBC: I enter my destinations in my calendar and then select each as needed.

bjgifford | October 6, 2019

Sorry but, having just taken my Model X out for a long distance trip, the lack of waypoints is not an inconvenience, it `is` a major fail. My travel points (A=start, B=friends house, C=home) were a triangle. I needed to go from A to B to C. The Nav system computed supercharger stops that got me to B with less than 5% charge, not enough charge to then get home. With waypoints the system could have used an intermediate charger between A & B and left me with enough charge to then get home (which is what I had to manually do but, if I have to manually compute the route, what's the point of the automatic route selection?)..

This is an extremely important feature upgrade.

Magic 8 Ball | October 6, 2019

Lack of a convenience feature is not a "major fail".
Overreacting because of this is a major fail.

gmr6415 | October 7, 2019

@CharleyBC, I do similar, but I navigate to last waypoint first and then the rest in reverse order. That way as they stack up in the navigator they are actually in the order I will need them. I then navigate from home to the final destination which puts it at the top of the list, so it's always there at the top just in case I need it.

wetmore55 | December 2, 2019

I agree that Tesla needs to add a waypoint capability. But I think it should be acknowledged that it is more complicated than most people realize when you also are trying to calculate optimal supercharger stops. This creates a multivariable problem that operations research people will acknowledge is a bit tricky.

I just took a round-trip from New Jersey to Charlotte. Tess wanted to take me through the Washington DC area, which experience has taught me is a major bad idea. So I had to plot the course in Tess by simply selecting incremental supercharger stops that would be roughly right, and take me north of Baltimore over to Route 81, and vice versa for the return. Picking an optimal supercharger required iterative tests to figure out which one would be reachable with about 5% energy reserve. The Tess navigation algorithm has to do something similar, and it is not straightforward. On the other hand, it can be done.

reesharr | December 14, 2019

For journeys in London I largely don't use Tesla navigation. It doesn't know enough about the streets and doesn't allow me to preset a route.

On my first test of its navigation shortly after taking delivery, it took me down a backstreet and through a road width restriction that was only inches wider than the car with concrete rising up on both sides. I was in a total sweat with the car saying STOP! But I had a queue of cars behind me with no scope for turning round.

My daughter was in the back of the car. She got out, asked me to put the wing mirrors in to get through the gap and steered me through. Never again! I was a nervous wreck for an hour afterwards.

Google Maps and Wazes are more conservative, choosing mostly main roads. So I drop my phone into the charging slot in the console and use Google to navigate me safely to where I want to go. And it does waypoints. :-)

michael.webster | December 26, 2019

I'd really love to now when waypoint navigation and much smarter navigation is coming to Tesla. Using A Better Route Planner is cool, but it doesn't incorporate into the cars system at all, so you can't use Navigation on Autopilot etc. it would be cool if ABRP or other systems could integrate directly to the car and allow NoA to function as well, or just update the navigation on the Tesla to be as good as if not better. Buy out ABRP perhaps??