My journey from initial Inquiry to powering up the system

My journey from initial Inquiry to powering up the system

So many confusing stories about the Tesla Solar experience (mostly negative but also some positive) that I wanted to post my story updating each step of the way. Hopefully the journey will be positive but I promise it'll be real. Maybe this will help someone else thinking of going down this path with Tesla.

Late August 2019 - Initial deposit placed.

9-7-19 - Purchase details were updated. This is for a small 3.8Kw (12 panels) system plus (1) Powerwall.
Based on the photos of my electric panel they determined that it would need to be upgraded to a 200 amp panel and a quote for this work was provided.

9-9-19 - I found a local electrician to do the panel relocation and upgrade for a better price so I let Tesla know.

9-10-19 - Documents from Tesla arrived via FedEx for my signature. Signed and returned.

9-25-19 - Final Inspection from City - Panel relocation and upgrade to 200 amp passed.

9-26-19 - Sent new photos to Tesla showing final panel (approved permit).
They sent me onto the next phase with a new specialist. I'm now waiting for them to submit plans for a permit to do the work.

So far so good ...

bcmusik | October 10, 2019

10-10-19 _ Meter Spot was submitted (I think). Once that's done they said they will file the permit.

gregbrew | October 10, 2019

Tesla Energy experiences are *not* "mostly negative". What you read about are the people who had negative experiences and post about them. When was the last time you bought a product that met your expectations and then took the time to post about your *positive* experiences?

The negative posts you read about are not a statistically representative sample of the totality of Tesla Energy experiences.

Tesla-David | October 11, 2019

I agree with @gregbrw's point my experience with Tesla-Energy has been very positive. We got our 2-PW2 installation 15 months ago and have been incredibly blown away with how well they work with our existing 13.2 kWh solar system. Battery storage systems like PW2's are a perfect complement to solar PV systems.

People need to get a grip; Tesla-Energy had some incredible growing pains after Tesla acquired Solar City, and it took some time to sort thing out and get things rolling. Tesla-Energy has been very responsive to all my questions and concerns.

Raphel.Sal | October 12, 2019

Difference between purchase and subscription? please

gregbrew | October 12, 2019

We're customers, just like you. I've never heard the term "subscription". (I've only heard of "Purchase", "Lease" and "PPA".) You might want to call Tesla Customer Service.