Full Charge not adequate

Full Charge not adequate

I have a 2019 Model S Long Range and under “normal” charging conditions in my garage with Tesla charger I only get maximum of 324 miles. Why is it not getting to the full 370 as it is supposed to?

redacted | October 25, 2019

Is your charge limit set to 100%? Normally, of course, you shouldn't charge to that level...

dgilbertdds | October 25, 2019

Yes. I normally charge to 80% but am taking a trip and wanted 100% . It fully charged to 324

reed_lewis | October 25, 2019

Switch the display to percentage and see what it says for the charge level. If it is not 100% then it might have stopped charging.

BTW a good idea for a long trip is to charge it to 90% the night before, and then when you get up in the AM set it to 100% and let it charge to 100% and then leave. The worst thing for a Li-Ion battery is to sit at 100% . You can charge to 100%, but the best thing is to drive immediately after.

Bighorn | October 25, 2019

Not sure why you’re not seeing 370, but for what task is 324 not adequate?

pgkevet | October 25, 2019

162.5 miles each way cross country...

Bill_75D | October 25, 2019

A 12.5% loss of range in a 2019 car doesn't sound normal to me. I'd ask Tesla to check it out.

bishoppeak | October 25, 2019

Mileage is dependent on many factors and doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. Just use % and you'll be less stressed.

dgilbertdds | October 25, 2019

If it is rated to charge to 370, that’s what I want.

tes-s | October 25, 2019

Talk to Tesla about it. 324 should be adequate to get you to the grocery store and back for the time being.

Tldickerson | October 25, 2019

That's more than 12% and I would bitch hard about it. Not acceptable in my book either dgilbertdds.

Mathew98 | October 25, 2019

Did the OP in fact changed the charging percentage from 80 to 100%? If he did so at a supercharger, it would still stop at 80% by default and he would need to override it.

There's not enough details to determine if this was a battery pack issue or user error.

inconel | October 25, 2019

Is it possible to have a 2019 non-Raven Model S?

tigerkc | October 25, 2019

What did you normally charge to (% and rated miles)? Did you not notice anything strange before?

marcustcohn | October 27, 2019

OP - had you ever charged to 100% before this? What do you usually charge to and has this changed at all ?