Software Updates without release notes

Software Updates without release notes

Since the big v10 release about 4 weeks ago, I’ve had 3 updates, none of which had release notes. When I tap on the “release notes” link on the big screen, I just get the v10 notes.

Anybody know what these updates contain?

murphyS90D | October 25, 2019

Bug fixes. The release notes don't change for bug fixes. They never identify what the bug fixes are.

Bill_75D | October 25, 2019

12.3 fixed the car alarm going off during the update, so there's that.

jordanrichard | October 25, 2019

After one of these "bug fixes" updates, I noticed that I now have a Roadside Assistance "button" on the app that I know wasn't there before.

rickpaquin | October 25, 2019

Agree, trying to learn what the updates do is only posible through this forum. My ranger said to wait several minutes on the update screen. I waited 30 min and gave up.

With 12.3, I noticed yesterday when I backed into a parking place, and then pulled forward to make sure I wasn't crossing the rear line, the reverse camera stayed for several seconds after I shifted back to drive so I could pull forward adjust the cars location.

Prior to this update, the minute i shifted to drive, I would lose the camera, not knowing how far to move forard. It appears they added a delay in the reverse camera staying on which assists with parking. Is that possible? Anyone else notice this? Of course you can manually turn on the reverse camera, but this nice delay avoids having to do that.

steveg1701 | October 25, 2019

@jordanrichard I just noticed that myself today, but I think it's from an update to the app, not the car

Teetoogrn | October 26, 2019

Blank release notes (updated 2x and I just learned my AP1 S only gets Spotify and the updated map. No caroke or Netflix. Bummer.

pete | October 26, 2019

I just downloaded 12.3 and my car (2017 75d) is noticeably quicker. I remember Elon mentioned at the earnings call that a software update was coming that would make the model s 3% faster. But I was surprised it was so noticeable and the update arrived so soon! I know some people got this software upgrade last week and that predated the earnings call. I don’t remember anyone else mentioning the quicker acceleration. Are you guys noticing the faster acceleration?

john.trapp | October 27, 2019

I’ve just loaded the latest software release, and it doesn’t give me Standard Regenerative braking; it seems to be the same as Low. I seem to be getting about 25, instead of my hitherto normal of 75

This is tragic as I am using the brakes too much.

Actually I would like Extra Regenerative braking. I thought the whole point of high performance electric motors was to give high Regenerative braking.

Jimdow | October 27, 2019

I have a 2019 Performance Model S. Yesterday I downloaded Version 2019.32.12.4 software. When I checked the release notes they had not changed from the earlier version of V10 software. No mention of extra power of range or one pedal driving. Am I missing something? Isn't 12.4 supposed to include these updates? | October 27, 2019

@Jimdow - On the call, I thought Elon said the power update was weeks away, not today.

@john.trapp - What do you mean? What 25 and 75? Are you talking about the power meter in kW? I'm not aware of anyone ever getting 75 kW. The limit is between 50-60 kW. It will be limited by cold weather and/or if the battery is near 100% SOC as well. Which software release are you using? So far I haven't noticed any difference with 32.12.3 but maybe you have a newer version. I'll take it out shortly and check again though.

EVRider | October 27, 2019

@TeslaTap: Electrek says the update with increased power is rolling out now: | October 27, 2019

@EVRider - Cool! Thanks for the correction. Doesn't say what version though. Sounds like 32.12.4 is not new enough.

barrykmd | October 27, 2019

Re the title of this thread, sometimes you get a blank screen of release notes and no update. My last update was about a week ago and two days ago, got in the car and a blank release notes screen was there :-)

finished | October 27, 2019

@barry-. Open the web browser before rebooting the main screen. The web browser, operating manual, and release notes will then work. For about one day.

jordanrichard | October 27, 2019

Representing the original pre AP Model S’s, I hope this power/range increase and the scheduled charging will apply to ALL Teslas.