New solar NY rockland

New solar NY rockland

Hi all, I am about to pull the trigger on a solar panels system,

I was informed (after multiple phone calls) that tesla will install an 11k system, which in NY requires 2 power walls.

My electric bill is more than 11k and I cannot install 4 more PAnels..
It seems that there are a lot of rule popping up everywhere

Should I wait the the tiles 3rd generation?

ALDONY | October 26, 2019

Pricing Details
Solar Panels

2 Powerwalls

Tax & Installation Cost


Solar/Powerwall Bundling Discount

NYSERDA New York Sun Incentive

Total Loan Amount

NY Solar Energy System Equipment Credit

Federal Tax Credit

Net Cost

Monthly Payments
$0 down, 20 years, 4.99% APR

With pre-payment

Pre-pay by month 18

$212.91 /mo

Without pre-payment

Increases after month 18

$305.03 /mo

ALDONY | October 26, 2019

Also, where is the 10% discount from Elon Musk?

lilbean | October 26, 2019

I wouldn't wait.