Cold Weather Climate Controls

Cold Weather Climate Controls

Now that cooler weather has arrived in MI, I've started to use the steering wheel warmer and heated seats. I've noticed that if I turn either on, after I park the car and come back, the controls are still on. Seats and steering wheel cool off while parked, but as soon as I put it in drive, they start to heat back up. Obvious that they're not running while parked, but odd (at least based on last winter's behavior) that they remain in the "on" position. In the past, exiting the car would put the controls in the off position. Not a big deal, as long as you remember to turn off the heated seat if there's nobody in the passenger (or rear) seat.

MS 85D, 2015, software 2019.28.2.5. Not sure when this started but wasn't happening earlier this year when I last used those.

Bighorn | October 26, 2019

Probably an implemented feature request.

Teetoogrn | October 26, 2019

I believe that was added during a software update. No complaints from me!

bryan.hopkins | October 26, 2019

Only issue I see is that I have with it is that it is awfully easy to leave a seat heater on when there’s nobody in it. At least before, it would always be reset when you left the car. Don’t recall seeing anything in any of the release notes about the change.

Anthony J. Parisio | October 27, 2019

I like this feature. All winter long I keep my heated seat on.