FSD further away than Tesla speculates

FSD further away than Tesla speculates

Based on my experience with "auto pilot" and the incremental updates Tesla has been pushing out, they still have a VERY LONG way to go before rolling out the full fledged version that will function as consumers would expect and instill driver confidence. Unless Telsa rolls out additional features that work better than the Beta versions have, FSD at the current price tag of $7,000 will be a hard sell.

I use "auto pilot" just about every time I'm behind the wheel, and this includes both highway and city use. On US highways it works very good over 90% of the time. The less than 10% of the time it doesn't, I cannot figure out why auto-pilot reacts strangely (e.g. other vehicles on the highway, not really close but my car suddenly slows down). If the surroundings are not "perfect" and my wife is in the car, I won't use Auto-pilot. The less than 10% of the time it reacts strangely freaks her out.

One example of a recent update that maybe wasn't yet ready for "prime time" is the Smart Summon enhancement. It worked perfectly the first time I tried it (even stopped for a pedestrian! and notified me via the app) but.... every time afterwards it's been an embarrassment. Sure, it's a Beta version, but, releasing such a feature in Beta, although it doesn't need to be close to perfect, it should function better than it does. I'll wait until Release notes state it's been improved before using it again (it's that far from being useful and reliable).

I'm a Tesla fan, a Tesla evangelist, an early adopter and enjoy the benefits of auto-pilot. It's a convenience and safety feature that removes a few layers of driving stress.

- Given how auto-pilot works today (fairly good but not stellar)
- How the strange anomalies have not been ironed out
- How new Beta features function below par, and
- The long gap between current state and FSD.....
I cannot see Tesla releasing a "production" version of FSD anytime in the intermediate future that consumers will have confidence in enough to pay several thousands of dollars for.

FSD is probably more complicated and more challenging than originally expected, but I'm confident the Tesla team will get there. IMHO, it'll take a lot longer than they keep anticipating.

Xerogas | January 4, 2020

“Feature Complete” has a very specific definition in the world of software development. It most certainly does NOT mean that it will be in the hands of customers.

nukequazar | January 4, 2020

There’s really something wrong with you, @TeslaTap. Not sure if it’s with intellect or honesty. You took the first sentence of the quote as if that all he said. Read on, if you are capable...

“I think we will be feature complete, full self-driving, this year – meaning the car will be able to find you in a parking lot, pick you up and take you all the way to your destination without intervention, this year. I would say I am of certain of that. That is not a question mark.”

nukequazar | January 4, 2020

And it’s not relevant what “feature complete” means as lingo inside the software world this was in a public interview. And he said, “the car will be able to find YOU... this year... certain... not a question mark.”

nukequazar | January 4, 2020

By the way, it seems that “feature complete” means ready for beta which is what all of our firmware is.

Xerogas | January 4, 2020

Words have meaning, especially well-defined terms.

nukequazar | January 4, 2020

Yes words have meaning. Lingo redefines meaning for a limited audience. CEO’s, or any intelligent person, should be aware of audience. And, as I mentioned, beta.

andy.connor.e | January 4, 2020

beta car? ugh!

Xerogas | January 5, 2020

There’s no beta car than a Tesla. Fuggedaboutit!

NKYTA | January 5, 2020

@nuke, buy a Yugo and take yourself to those forums.

It is going to be Beta until approved by regulatory bodies. What part don’t you get?

How is LIDAR working so well?

I kind of doubt they are “feature complete”, but the fact the are upgrading HW2.5 cars (and maybe cameras), seems to belie my doubt.

Either way, my 2012 MS isn’t getting it. But many useful features over the years, OTA.

You seem under informed on the diff between FW, SW and Machine Learning.

So start with the first :

Read up and get back to me.