Resetting LTE Connection

Resetting LTE Connection

I park in a garage at work (first level within site of the entrance and can play Spotify until I park so seem to still be getting a signal. When I leave in the afternoon I am always getting a "No Connectivity" msg and cannot pull up Spotify, Slacker or TuneIn (though my map seems to work OK). It stays this way the full 30 mile trip home. Once I park at home and leave the car for a while when I drive the next time LTE is working fine, but if I stop briefly on the way home and get back in there car it will often still not pull up. I know others have had this happen (have seen a variety of posts on it). My question is if there is a way to force the LTE connection to reconnect or if you can reset it somehow? Doing a reboot while driving does not do it.

jonkol805 | February 10, 2020

Having the same issue. As far as I'm aware there is no reboot for LTE, has anyone come across a solution?

HighlandPony | February 11, 2020

This happens to me when I drive through a road section without signal. When I get back into an area that I know has signal it won’t reconnect. But If I stop there and exit the vehicle when I get back in it will reconnect in a few minutes. If I don’t stop it will go for several hours without connecting. Very reproducible, it will happen every single time in this particular area.

hokiegir1 | February 11, 2020

My work parking garage has no/limited signal. Sometimes it'll reconnect on it's own when I pull out of the garage, others I have to do a 2-thumb salute (reboot) and it will come back.

EVRider | February 11, 2020

You can try tapping the LTE icon and switching to WiFi (without actually connecting to a WiFi network), then switch back to LTE. Don’t know if it will work, but it’s worth a shot.

ejacques977 | March 19, 2020

That does not work.
The only thing that works for me is the 2 finger salute.