Cybertruck Battery and Efficiency

Cybertruck Battery and Efficiency

Assuming that the truck is about the weight of the MX, i.e. 6000 pounds but less aerodynamically efficient, I’m guessing that around 400 Wh/m efficiency is about right. Especially with the highly efficient PM motors.

So, 250 x 400 = 100kWh for the $40k version, 300 x 400 = 120kWh for the mid range and 500 x 400 = 200kWh for the high end...

Now, charging a 200kWh battery at 250kW up to 50% SOC and another 100kW to full should take about 24 + 60 = 84 minutes...

At home, with a 9.6kW charger, that’s 21 hours from empty to full! I would argue that supercharging is a must have for these very large batteries... Also, I’m hopping that the truck will have dual on-board 80A chargers which Tesla discontinued...

I wish Elon would have spent more time explaining these details...

Sparky | November 22, 2019

He was too busy looking for the guy who put lead in Franz's steel ball.

It would be good to know the weight of the 200kw battery pack because it will relate directly to the weight of a similar pack in the new Roadster.

TickTock | November 23, 2019

Super-charger at home is not necessary unless your commute is approaching 500 miles round trip. Many TM3 owners get by with level 1 chargers, after-all.

usertogo | November 26, 2019

At these high kW charge rates Tesla must use DC chargers. They would probably pretty much eliminate high power AC charging in order to save the costly on board power components...

usertogo | November 26, 2019

By the way I got here wondering - did they publish the empty weight of the Trucks at all? I read something about 3mm thick 30x cold roll stainless exosceleton - sounds heavy!?

andy.connor.e | November 26, 2019

Get a 60A breaker put in your house for the 50A tesla wall charger.

WEST TEX EV | November 26, 2019

Maybe truck will have “home charger v2”. It will charge at “96A”. Require 120A 240V wiring. This is 3 yes away....

WEST TEX EV | November 26, 2019


andy.connor.e | November 26, 2019

a 120A plug would have serious implementations. Some peoples house services are only 100A or 150A.

gballant4570 | November 26, 2019

How much of the large battery do you need to charge daily? No matter your battery size, that doesn't change so much. I doubt anything larger than almost any 240V circuit is really needed. If you take the battery down to 10% and then arrive at home, and you have to leave early in the am for a high mileage day either, take your Model 3 or make your first stop a Tesla charger..

Sarah R | November 26, 2019

Just call your utility and tell them you need 440v 3-phase and you'll be future-proof.

Bighorn | November 26, 2019

There’s no need for anything different than what people have now. They might boost max power above 48 kW if it won’t be detrimental, as deemed currently (no pun).

Effopec | November 26, 2019

Just because the battery is bigger doesn't mean that you use it up every day. Home charging needs will be the same as with smaller batteries, with the exception that many will need a longer cord because this beast won't fit in the garage.

Passion2Fly | November 26, 2019

Home charging is very valuable since the rates are much cheaper than SC. Dual chargers on the old S/X models were great. With a regular 14-50 outlet you can get 24 mph. The low rates are 12AM-6AM, so that's about 144 miles per night... for most people this is enough, but for contractors it's not...

WEST TEX EV | November 26, 2019

Truck will use approx same energy as model x, 400 wh/mi if not towing. If hauling/towing expect greater energy use depending on load weight/speed/off roading.

So not same catch-up equation as model 3. May need more aggressive charging available. I would assume they move to more charging capable at home as range increases.

I would predict they keep current charge speed (310mi/44mph = 7 hr, add 1 for slow topoff). So 500mi range truck (or 600mi roadster) will be able to charge at 79mi/hr. (Full charge in 8 hrs)

This will require approx 240V 96A charge rate. (Yes, limited by house wiring but new builders / electric upgrades can / will increase max house power capability to match this as these vehicles are becoming more prevalent. Especially at commercial locations where these trucks park overnight. | November 26, 2019

I came at this in a different way. I assume they are going to use the Model 3 packs.

The SR+ pack (about 50 kW) for the base RWD Cybertruck for 250 miles range.
The Dual motor gets the 74 kW pack for 300 miles range
The Trimotor gets two 74 kW packs for 500 miles range. It doesn't quite double the range of the dual-motor since the extra battery weight costs some range penalty.

I suspect this is more aerodynamic than people expect, especially with the bed enclosed. I think the Model X EAP is around 289 W/mi, not 400 W/mi. Tesla may have some other optimizations with the motor design that also improves efficiency. I guess we'll know more in 14 months or so. | November 26, 2019

...Model X EPA is ...

WEST TEX EV | November 26, 2019

I think I am a little skewed as Perf3 after 7k mi avg is 305 wh/mi.

Bighorn | November 26, 2019

Disagree about 50 kWh battery and 96 A charging.