Service. WTF??

Service. WTF??

Getting a service appointment is ridiculous. I’ve waited over 3 weeks and just got an email that they delayed my appointment another week without checking with me. WTF?

There’s no way to speak with anyone either? No email, no text, no service.

I paid $120k for my X and am being treated like trash. Any other car company does so much better. What’s happening at Tesla??

Anyone besides me frustrated by this awful treatment from service?

EVRider | November 23, 2019

No, it’s just you.

jimglas | November 23, 2019

what is your service appt for?

mikeng6274 | November 23, 2019

You are not alone, they would not fix my model 3 "fit and finish on both tail lights -with too much gap.
Service center said I have to go to body shop and get an estimate and I have to pay for it. Othe than that, the car is great.

bsimoes | November 26, 2019

I HATE their new system. I have to drive about three hours to get to a service center, and not being able to talk to someone there is horrible. I knew I needed new links; when I had my snow tires put on, the tire center told me so. I set up an appointment using the app after trying for over an hour to reach someone by phone unsuccessfully. I put in the notes that this is what I needed. I just got back--six hours on the road. Guess what? They didn't have them in stock. Talk about WTF???

andy.connor.e | November 27, 2019

If the service center was 3 hours away, how would any change in any system change anything about that? If anything a change in their system would improve it because perhaps there is mobile service available in your area now. I dont see how a fixed physical service location can have any changes in a new system. Same 3 hour drive back and forth as before.