Comparing Model 3 to Mustang Mach-E, Configuration Page

Comparing Model 3 to Mustang Mach-E, Configuration Page

I see that Ford has opened their reservation/configuration website for their upcoming Mustang EV. I thought I would use it to configure for reservation an EV Mustang comparable to my LR AWD Model 3.

On the initial page, there is a blurb about 300 miles of range, and some estimates of 0-60 times. The only place 300 miles was mentioned as "target range" again was on the Premium trim level extended range battery for RWD trim, with AWD haviving a "target range" of 270 miles. These trim levels come with nominal 100 kwh batteries, and 0-60 times "targeting the mid six second range" and "targeting the mid five second range" respectively. I settled on the GT trim as the closest comparable to my non-P Model 3, since it had both AWD and "extended range" battery option. The GT trim extended range battery is also 100 kwh nominal, has a "target 0-60 of less than 4 seconds", and range is described as "target 250 miles". The GT trim also was very close to the price I paid in 2018 ($500 higher), coming in at $60,500 "estimated MSRP".

The GT trim level comes with the following "key features" - 20" wheels, B&O 10 speaker sound system, memory driver seats (not sure why that is plural), and power folding mirrors. Perhaps the driver seats is plural due to both front seats being heated at this trim level. Additional features comprise of extended range battery (now stated as maximum range 250 miles, 98.8 kwh) hp and torque "coming soon",comfort package, LED lights and sequential rear turn signals, auto high beam, side door e-latch, Fordpass connect, 10.2" digital cluster & 15.5" touch screen, connected navigation, phone as key, and wireless charging pad.

In Maryland, assuming the state continues to fund the EV tax rebate program, this price is higher than the $60k max given for previous versions of the program, so assuming the tax credit remains available at the Federal level, the "estimated MSRP" would then get reduced to $53k.

In a direct comparison, the Model 3 LR AWD appears to be a significantly better deal to me, especially when considering things like the Tesla charging network. It is also notable that Ford achieves approximately similar performance stats (with the fairly obvious exception of the lower range) with a 100 kwh battery (nominal). They obviously have a distance tom go to match Tesla when it comes to efficiency. And of course, the stated stats (heavy with caveats, I might add - lots of legalese pointing out that nothing is actually promised) have yet to be seen in the real world product. It appears that when it comes to top trim performance, the Mustang Mach-E falls short of the Model 3 on paper, and we will have to wait and see if real world performance lives up to the plan.

All in all I am glad to have my Model 3 rather than one of these - especially when seeing the ugly fake grill on the front of the GT trim model.....

Magic 8 Ball | November 28, 2019

@Fishy You are correct once again, nothing about the Mach-E is Beta, it is all vapor.

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

" it is all vapor."@M8B

Less "vapor" than Y as Mach-E will be delivered end of 2020 while Y will only "start production end of 2020".

Sarah R | November 28, 2019

In putting the beloved Mustang moniker on it, Ford has essentially said that they're betting the company on it. No doubt they'll sell a bunch of them. Not sure how the "coal rolling", "charger ICE-ing" crowd will react, though. But Ford, like Hyundai, will benefit from the incentive structure. For many, it will make more sense to buy a vehicle with full subsidies. And as the old guard car makers enter the game they will have the advantage of their own experience building cars plus learning grin the mistakes of others. Maybe they'll end up crushing Tesla. Maybe it will take another decade to do it. But the end result is that Musk, and by extension, humanity, wins because he will have accomplished his original goal: To force the world to pivot away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable future.

Whether you love him or hate him, fanboi or hater, Elon Musk is a man whose life has mattered. He's made a change in the world that has made it a better world.

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

Tesla can still change the Model Y to compete but not likely Tesla will update it.

gballant4570 | November 28, 2019

Sarah R, you comments about Elon Musk are the reason I must respect and admire the man, despite whatever shortcomings he may or may not have. The Mission is healthy.

I compared the Mustang Mach-E to Model 3 due to my own Model 3 ownership. A more direct comparison with a Tesla product is probably Model Y Performance, for the Ford GT trim. Closer in form factor, still very close in pricing. And again, I would not choose the Ford between the two.

Magic 8 Ball | November 28, 2019

Vapor is vapor, there is no less. Tesla has a track record of success in the field. I owned a Cmax Energi and several other Fords, I have not been impressed with Fords efforts to "modernize", so far. Little David Tesla is making the goliaths react. Being in reaction mode vs having first mover advantage is not a good look for Ford or anyone else.

CST | November 28, 2019

@FISHEV - I avoid getting sucked into all the complaints about you, but after your posts in this thread, I have no sympathy.

WW_spb | November 28, 2019

Fish, just go to Ford forums and sing your praises there. Thanks

M3phan | November 28, 2019

Ford using the word “target” a lot...

gballant4570 | November 28, 2019

Magic 8 Ball, my thoughts as well. All the "target" specs? I'll wait and see. 100 kwh battery? Its easy to see the trend. Lower efficiency, tech a few steps behind. Higher charge for incremental trim items. "Estimated MSRP".

Those who buy into legacy brand delusion will go for it - I wonder how many reservations they have received? The only fact I find on a quick google search is that their "first edition" reservations have sold out, but no numbers mentioned. I hope they do well with it - The Mission requires all hands on deck. But I don't find that is compares well with a Tesla....

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

"Vapor is vapor, there is no less."M8B

If you want to call Model Y "vapor", I suppose but Tesla will likely produce it on schedule which is going to be at same time as Mach-E or maybe a little after it.

casun | November 28, 2019

fishev are you paid double-time on the thanksgiving holiday?

WW_spb | November 28, 2019

1. Adaptive cruise is not Beta.
Tesla has one and it works just fine. √
2. AutoSteer is not Beta And you know that bc Ford told you so?
Tesla has it and it's working already ✓
3. Blind side indicators Boohoo
Tesla has blind spot warning and collision prevention. ✓
4. Rear cross traffic warning
Tesla has wide angle backup camera that shows you everything you need to see and apply breaks. ✓
5. 360 camera when backing up.
Tesla doesn't have it and apparently doesn't need it.
6. CCS charger port Lol would be bad if they didn't. Right?
Tesla has its wide spread SC network and doesn't need your CCS bs. ✓
7. Rear wiper
Really? No comments
8. Auto rear lift gate
How do you know that's model Y doesn't have it?
9. Two years free DC charging.
Great deal. Kind of what Tesla had when they started but it was for life. ✓
10. Inline dash board.
No need for it in Tesla. ✓
11. Dedicated mirror control
No need for it in Tesla unless you are Boomer. ✓
12. Dedicated light control
No need for it in Tesla unless you are Boomer. ✓
13. Dedicated shift control
What? Ok, Boomer. ✓
14. Dedicated wiper control
I gave up, Boomer. ✓

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

"Adaptive cruise is not Beta."@WhiteWI

Tesla manual says it is.

Cruise control is Beta” Pg 78

"AutoSteer is not Beta"@M8B

Tesla manual says it is.

“AutoSteer is Beta” Pg 84

WW_spb | November 28, 2019

Please, learn to read and quote.

SamO | November 28, 2019

Don’t feed the fish. Or clowns. Or clown fish.

Model Y deliveries are starting end year or Q1 2020.

WW_spb | November 28, 2019

Fish, you are so bad at you bs that is not even funny any more.

Iwantmy3 | November 28, 2019

Just a few comments;
Comparing the Mustang Mach E to a model 3 doesn't work. It needs to be compared to the Y.
As for FISHEV's list, the only thing I miss is the dedicated wiper control.
The Supercharger network is far better than the current CCS network. Hopefully, we will get access to CCS adapters soon.

gballant4570 | November 28, 2019

"Comparing the Mustang Mach E to a model 3 doesn't work."

Of course it does. Just read the OP. That explains it quite nicely.

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

"Comparing the Mustang Mach E to a model 3 doesn't work." Of course it does."

No. Mach-E is a compact utility vehicle like Model Y. Model 3 is a sedan. Comparable to Ford Fusion PHEV.

lpvoucher | November 28, 2019

“In Maryland, assuming the state continues to fund the EV tax rebate program, this price is higher than the $60k max given for previous versions of the program, so assuming the tax credit remains available at the Federal level, the "estimated MSRP" would then get reduced to $53k.”

Assuming you live in Maryland as I do...I purchased my Model 3SR+ on 6/08/19 and submitted the required form to request the excise tax rebate. I was told the the funds for Fiscal Year 2020 (beginning in July 2019) have already been depleted. If you have not already received yours for a previous purchase I guess you are waiting in the same line as I am. No info whether the fund will be replenished in FY 2021. Do you have any new information on this? I already did get the 40% refund for the EV charging parts and installation. Both programs are administered by separate state agencies. Potential Tesla purchasers in the state of Md should be aware of this.

Passion2Fly | November 28, 2019

Assuming that the first generation EV from Ford will just destroy Tesla is not reasonable. They might, but it will take a few iterations. Also, the OTA updates are only available for the infotainment system for now and this is a big limitation, especially for a first generation car with numerous potential issues...

The big advantages for Ford are their extensive maintenance network and the federal tax credit. I expect them to point out weaknesses in the Tesla’s Service Center system...

However, in Tesla’s favor, they have the absolute best battery and power train manufacturing chain and they can compensate for the loss of the Federal Tax Credit...

Ford is only planning to build only 50k Mach Es because of supply chain issues. This points to a very small market for them, with probably very little interest to spend millions on R&D... Ford sales are 2,3M vehicles per year...

coselectric | November 28, 2019

Fish: Less "vapor" than Y as Mach-E will be delivered end of 2020 while Y will only "start production end of 2020".

You're full of misinformation, aren't you, Fish?

Tesla has confirmed that the Model Y will be in production in the summer of 2020, six months ahead of the original schedule. Parts suppliers are also being asked to accelerate their production by 6 months. Try to keep up.

FISHEV | November 28, 2019

"Assuming that the first generation EV from Ford will just destroy Tesla is not reasonable."@PassionFly2

Haven't seen anyone but you make that statement so not sure what you are responding to. No EV coming out in 2020 is going to 'destroy' any other EV. The EV market is way too new at this point and all EV sales come out of ICE sales. That's why the Tesla zealots fear and loathing on all things EV except Tesla is so off base.

coselectric | November 28, 2019

Good grief, why am I feeding the fish...

To all the uninformed: if FISHEV is posting, you can assume it's misleading or just wrong.

Magic 8 Ball | November 28, 2019

""AutoSteer is not Beta"@M8B"

I never said anything about that. You aren't planning on driving today, in your condition, are you?

lbowroom | November 28, 2019

Fish has his own mission, “to stop, or delay as long as possible, people’s purchase of a Tesla through deliberate confusion and misdirection.”

Bighorn | November 28, 2019

No seat heat in the back is a deal breaker plus an energy hog.

jimglas | November 28, 2019

Remember: Fish is ALWAYS wrong

SamO | November 28, 2019


Fish is definitely a prototype clown-bot that regurgitates incorrect information.


WW_spb | November 28, 2019

I told you fishyEmperor is bipolar

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

WeTheEmperorFishyDodger has spoken !

gballant4570 | December 1, 2019

lpvoucher, I received my MD tax rebate in July, if I remember correctly. After submitting the form there is no communication, so I had just about written if off. When the fund was reallocated, I had no clue if it would be used up before I received mine, and so was pleasantly surprised. Don't give up, but perhaps not counting on it and being pleasantly surprised is best.

We all know Tesla makes EV's and only EV's. Based on their past, we all know that a planned Tesla model cannot be believable considered "vapor" of any kind. As I have stated before, life is better without trolls like "FISHEV". I cannot see, hear, or smell that individual. Anyone can enjoy the same - I think this link can be used to do that:

globalMan | December 1, 2019

My wish feature is to have separate control of AC/Heat for driver and passenger, blow speed and ON/OFF.

SamO | December 1, 2019

Model 3 was never a hatchback. Quotes or just more of your lying pathology.

Tronguy | December 1, 2019

FISHEV has been unusually active today. Since it's extremely likely he/she/it is an astroturfer, I predict a massive short on Monday as fishy's masters do their bit.
FISHEV is clearly attempting to disrupt the forums. Again.

Magic 8 Ball | December 1, 2019

Contracts usually get renewed on first of the month.

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

I just hope he won't start pre conditioning thread once again )

FISHEV | December 1, 2019

"Model 3 was never a hatchback."

People new to Model 3 might be unaware of the what many of us original depositors in 2016 knew and wanted. Even Tesla wanted it but could not engineer it.

"Elon Musk says Tesla will fix what critics call the Model 3’s ‘biggest design fail’

Xpeng showed who it should have looked.

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

Hey where did your other thread go? Deleted once again as soon as people start pointing out your bs.

SamO | December 1, 2019

So Elon never promised a hatchback. Thanks for play DF.

FISHEV | December 1, 2019

"My wish feature is to have separate control of AC/Heat for driver and passenger, blow speed and ON/OFF."

And true Automatic. You set the temp and the car keeps it that temp, adjusts fan and heater as needed using whatever vent (windshield/floor is good in winter) driver picks. Little stuff that Tesla could do now but won't. It's one of those things other cars just have but Tesla had to do it different so we have an odd for no good reason HVAC.

Have a list and checking it twice. Ford already made a mistake imitating Tesla with the phone key. Hopefully there's a real fob and the phone is just for turning on remote heat and stuff.

Hope Ford displays all the information we get with StatsApp on the car screen.

lbowroom | December 1, 2019

If YOU pick the vents then it’s not true auto.

Phone as key is fantastic, one of my favorite conveniences. Good on Ford for going there too.

FISHEV | December 1, 2019

“If YOU pick the vents then it’s not true auto.”

Then it’s sneaky smart auto. Other cars have had the convenience for years. Be nice if Tesla had it. Should be easy to change in controls.

lbowroom | December 1, 2019

What? The Tesla is auto. You set the temp, it does the rest. You asked for auto that You choose the vents that operate, that’s not auto.

calvin940 | December 2, 2019


Go away, EaglesPDX. Nobody wants you here.

-TheJohn- | December 2, 2019

For those still watching/reading at this point I'd like to inform you that the individual named as fishev in this thread is a super long term infestation troll who has been banned at least once for spreading utterly false and defamatory things about Tesla and for being a liar.

Please Flag and ignore any and every single thing they post. Don't respond if you can avoid it.

SamO | December 2, 2019

Some news on the Mache infotainment:

“ Once inside, a Ford representative gave a brief walkthrough of the Mach-E’s features, particularly its portrait-oriented center display. Footage taken of the demo from the Hyperchange host revealed that the software in the Mach-E’s infotainment system is notably slow and laggy when responding to touch inputs.”

“ Unfortunately, veteran automakers have a reputation for releasing in-car software that is about as quick and responsive as the first touchscreen phones that attempted to rival the first iPhones more than a decade ago. The Jaguar I-PACE, for example, is a vehicle that has received over 60 awards from esteemed organizations and media agencies, but the vehicle’s infotainment system cannot hold a candle to the Model 3’s software and user interface.

The same is true for the Audi e-tron. The vehicle is posh and luxurious, but when it comes to software, the car just does not feel like it is equipped with the best that tech has to offer. This is something that was explained by Elon Musk on Twitter, when he addressed why the auto industry is simply not very good at in-car tech.”

finman100 | December 3, 2019

"slow and laggy". yeah, that sums up A LOT about ICE mfgs EVs and certain posers for ICE makers.

gballant4570 | December 3, 2019

SamO, I read that article earlier today. Shines a light on a subject that has not tom this point been discussed much. Perhaps brand loyalty and/or simple ignorance of better product keeps some of this from coming out on legacy car company products. Sales however may be reflective - Audi and Jaguar haven't sold many EVs, as BMW and Mercedes have not either.

The Mission requires all hands on deck. Lucid Air is starting an Arizona factory, and as a startup has many hells to go through - but perhaps their lack of legacy car company baggage will allow them to produce a compelling. desirable product. Maybe they will help Tesla with The Mission.

-TheJohn-, I am an advocate for using an ignore function. I do not engage with delusional psycho trolls, knowing that simply acknowledging their miserable existence gives them validation, which feeds them no matter what form it takes.