Summons - Unable to connect

Summons - Unable to connect

Is anybody having trouble accessing the "summons" feature. I've reinstalled the software, tried turning off wifi, and still no connection. All other functionality of the iPhone app works.

avnguyen99 | December 4, 2019

Yes. I updated to 40.1.1 and now I basically have no summon features. Rebooted the car and reinstalled the Tesla app but still cannot connect.

zoomerdog | December 5, 2019

Thanks. I wonder if Tesla turned it off given some of the negative publicity of it crashing into other cars/buildings

EVRider | December 5, 2019

Tesla didn’t disable Summon. I can still access it from my mobile app, and my 2018 S100D is running 40.1.1. Lots of other people are reporting this same issue, but I don’t know if there’s a common element.

Aerodyne | December 5, 2019

I recently tried summon from the phone, usually just use the key. It says unable to connect. AP1 car with dumb summon...

EVRider | December 5, 2019

If you search the forums for "summon can't connect" (see for search tips), you'll find many threads about this, some of them old. It seems to be a problem that pops up from time to time. Check out the old threads and maybe you'll find a solution that works for you.

teznbe16 | December 5, 2019

I have the same issue since 40.1.1 update.

TeslaKU | December 5, 2019

It's an issue with the update. Scheduled service and they keep moving it back a day. I think they are hoping an update with a fix will come out in the meantime.

SnowFlake | December 6, 2019

From November. 36.12.7 85D. Dumb summon stoped throwing the error. Here is Canada operating with keyfob is permanently disabled because I think we did not pay the Trump Tariff I think.

Sefar | December 18, 2019

it is a software issue on the backend. Sorry to cross post, but after two tech support calls and a complete power down, they referred me up to technical support. One week later the summon is working again, two weeks later I got an email from Tesla telling me they had fixed it, and that it was a back end issue.