Supercharger rate real slow

Supercharger rate real slow

Lately my Model X has been charging real slow.

Took Delivery March 30, 2018, so about 20 months ago. 12,000 miles in that time.
I often supercharge when my charge gets low, but sometimes charge at home too.
Almost always charge to 80%. Last night outdoor temp was 55 degrees, about half full when starting.

I read where some cars were being limited in speed if they have been supercharging too often.

Thoughts appreciated.



raffidesigns | December 8, 2019

Supercharging rate can be affected if there is a second car next to yours that is charging as well. Ex. If you are using charger 1a. And a second car is on the opposite end using 1b, then you are both sharing the charge rate. Your charge rate is split in half.

If you are not, supercharging rate can be affected if your battery is cold. Tesla batteries perform best at 65 degrees and up. 55 degrees could result in a cold batter. I recommend using navigation to set the supercharger as your destination. That way your battery will warm up as you are driving.

Tesla has recently limited supercharging to 80%, however that has no affect on the number of times an owner supercharges.

ride525 | December 8, 2019

Yes, I"m aware of the 1a and 1b. But this was late, about 10pm. This (Dublin, CA) supercharger has 14 stalls, 6 on one side, and eight on the other. When I got there, there were zero other cars on my side, thus I was not paired up with anyone. | December 11, 2019

@ride525 - Many locations the paired stalls are not adjacent. You have to check the stall number (like 5a) and confirm it's pair (5b) is not in use. The 80% charge limit only occurs when the station is very busy, such as a travel holiday. There there are a few rare cases where the Supercharger is just not functioning well and is not providing full power.

Very doubtful your car is limited. There are cars with 200K miles that are not limited. Perhaps if you use Supercharger every day for the last couple of years, Tesla may limit the charging speed to maintain battery longevity. There is not much data to confirm this is done.

mbirnie51 | December 12, 2019

@Tesla Tap; I usually defer to your opinions on this forum, but on this topic I must object, my vehicle has been limited in respect to charging input by an OTA update.

I own a MX 75D that is a March 2017 build (vinxxxx040429) that was uncorked. I have made 2 cross country trips (Bay area to New York state) and 10 round trips to Seattle, and on multiple Supercharger sessions, I have reached 96kWh input. Since March of 2019 (my odo reading of approx 34,000 miles) and OTA update 2019.8.3 I have yet to get over 80kWh input into my vehicle at any Supercharger (SC).

I have a spreadsheet I fill in on my trips with all sorts of data points upon entering the SC and can verify over 40 sessions that charging has been 96kWh, of some 125 plus SC sessions. Since that update in March, I have had 20++ SC sessions and NONE have been over 80kWh. I am aware that there are multiple criteria to be met before the vehicle will accept the designed input capacity and can verify that I have attained them all in at least 10 of these sessions.

I have elevated this issue to Tesla service, and I am not yet satisfied by their response.

wmyers | December 12, 2019

My X charges slowly as well. Tesla refuses to look at it. They literally cancel my service appointments. | December 14, 2019

@mbirnie51 - Good input. On the opposite end, my 2016 S75 use to be limited to around 95 kWh, and over Thanksgiving, I was getting 122 kWh at a V2 Supercharger, more than I've ever seen before. I was down to 9% SOC and the battery was pre-heated using the navigation to SC. I rarely let it get down to 9% SOC, which may have been a factor. Perhaps the latest software has improved the charging speeds on other variants.

So I don't know if there are some limitations still in place, or if some specific cars are limited due to how they were used, the software version affected it, or if some owners don't realize the various normal limitations, such as pairing, cold pack, etc.

antoniolabriola1026 | December 28, 2019

With relation to charging, i own model X yer 2018 75D, it takes over on hour to charge to 90%. It is possible to upgrade the battery to: 1) obtain a longer range of miles, perhaps 300, and at the same time shorten the charging time?

Appreciate your input in this regard. | December 29, 2019

@antoniolabriola - Sorry no. The only option is to buy a new Long Range car.

yabouzaid | December 29, 2019

Late 2018 x75, since 3 months ago update, the max charge rate 80kwh, if your above 50% battery, i use to get like 128kwh, for few minutes, but you needed to be less than 20% to get that rate, however the total time to reach the 90% is not that significant . All factors are the same, i am the only one in the supercharger, car are warm, even i live in Florida it 80 degrees.