Autopilot now included FREE with all Teslas- what about original Model S/X owners who didn't order?

Autopilot now included FREE with all Teslas- what about original Model S/X owners who didn't order?

I am a Model S buyer who bought in 2015. Autopilot being new, and a debatable concept at that time, I didn't buy it! (Also, older cars have older hardware, fewer cameras/radars etc.)
Now Tesla has two levels: 1) Autopilot which I see is included for FREE in every new car. 2) Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD) for which you have to pay $7000.
I am wondering would Tesla offer free Autopilot (basic functionality for car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane) for original buyers like us? Currently, I have basic Cruise control which doesn't even accelerate or brake in the same lane for this $90k car (when I paid in 2015!)! I see many cheaper cars with adaptive cruise control so I am wondering if Tesla would upgrade buyers like me with Auto Pilot which in regular terms is same as adaptive cruise control.
**I am not asking for FSD- Full Self-Driving- for free.** Our older hardware I don't think is capable for it.


NKYTA | December 9, 2019

Unlikely. And why should they? You got what you paid for.

Bighorn | December 9, 2019

It became "free" when they raised the price to cover it. Not much precedent for such a request.

EVRider | December 9, 2019

Do you have the option to purchase AP for your car? If so, how much?

TSLA4Tesla | December 9, 2019

I don't see any option to purchase AP in my Tesla account.
I called last year and they said it would cost $7000. Then the same rep said that as my car's hardware is old, even if I paid $7000, I would not be able to use most of the functionality!
Now I don't see even option to buy AP or FSD! | December 9, 2019

@TSLA4Tesla - You have AP1 with single-camera hardware. If activated, it likely requires Tesla to make payments to Mobileye, which is the processor behind AP1 if it is activated. I very much doubt Mobileye software for free.

While AP1 is not a bad system if you elect to buy it, it is a bit limited and fairly old now in tech.

The current AP2 uses 8 cameras, has ultrasonic sensors that handled twice the distance as your original sensors. The software is mostly created in-house and most owners consider it quite a bit better than AP1, with new safety, and operational features. AP was only recently made free for new cars, but it is a subset of the old EAP feature that costs $5,000 and the cost of those cars went up a bit when AP became free.

Here's a lot more on timelines and features of each version:

TSLA4Tesla | December 9, 2019
Wow! Great info :)

calleserra | December 18, 2019

Also, the 2014-16 AP1 autopilot-optioned car can autopark (perpendicular and parallel) and do a lane change by pushing the turn signal stalk. It also has Summon. The free Autopilot for current cars do not have the above capabilities. You need to buy the FSD to get those.

Daisy the Road ... | December 18, 2019

Not sure that is right. We got autopilot on our 10/2019 S75D and it does all the things that you claim are only available with FSD.

bp | December 19, 2019

There are a few software limited upgrades that can be enabled by an OTA update, including AP, increasing usable battery capacity, or enabling full onboard charging (some vehicles have 72A chargers limited to 48A).

The owners of those vehicles made a decision when they purchased their vehicles not to buy those options - and have decided not to pay to activate those options after purchase.

Tesla could generate a short-term burst of revenue and increase owner goodwill by offering a one time activate discount to those owners. This is additional revenue they would get for hardware already installed in those vehicles - and shouldn't have any impact on new vehicle sales.

Seems highly unlikely Tesla would ever give these software upgradeable features free - but a one-time discount for upgrades owners aren't planning to make at full price might be possible...

EVRider | December 19, 2019

@Daisy: There’s no 2019 S75D, so I assume you meant 2018. That means you have EAP, not the new basic AP that went into effect earlier this year. Basic AP has TACC and Autosteer, and nothing else.

Daisy the Road ... | December 19, 2019

You are correct, I meant 2018.

PhillyGal | December 19, 2019

Just popping by to say what a cool conversation this is that post-delivery software upgrades are even worth talking about. Why?

Picture this: This is Bob from Philadelphia Ford, how may I help you?
I bought a car in 2015 that I would like you to press a button to give a new feature to.
I'm sorry, what now?
It's now free and it's software based anyway, so if you'd just go ahead and push that button

jordanrichard | December 19, 2019

I took delivery of my car in Mar 2014. Since then my car has gained 73 outright new features or improvements to existing ones.

73!! That is more than what the car came with.

sentabo | December 19, 2019

I have AP1 with my 2015 S. The AutoPilot was an extra $2500 at the time (no -brainer for me), and it was well worth it. Granted, AP2 is a big improvement but the AP1 works pretty well. Is it worth $7000? It depends on how badly you want it. I would certainly miss it on road trips if I didn't have it.