My Model 3 Two Year Review

My Model 3 Two Year Review

Took delivery of "Solo Cup" on 12/26/2017. Red Model 3 with all the available "bells and whistles" (other than FSD) that were available to add at the time. Since then I have added FSD and have an appointment on Jan 3 to get the HW3 Computer installed.

VIN 00189X
Miles = 73,091 (would easily be over 80K but for the months spent in service center and collision repair facilities and 2 months off work with medical issues. Also I started carpooling in early September so that is 600 fewer miles every other week)
Displayed Range at 100% SOC = 296
Total kW used = 17,834
Average Wh/M over the lifetime = 244
Max miles ever seen displayed = 317 a couple weeks after delivery and was long before any announcement of 325 miles. I saw this 3 or 4 times within 2 months of delivery and then it went back to 310 max.
Items replaced by Service Centers due to breakage = Glove box (twice), Tow Hook Cover, Right Headlight, Chargeport, Repaint rocker arm on driver side, 12v battery (twice), Brake fluid
Almost all problems were in the first few months of ownership and for the past year the car has been mostly problem free.

Even with the problems I had in the beginning, it is still a great car and it feels like my birthday every time I get in. I look forward to the next 926,909 miles on my way to 1,000,000

Pg3ibew | December 26, 2019


vmulla | December 26, 2019

Excellent, honest review.
I'm just a few weeks away. I'm surprised by your range at 100% though.

vmulla | December 26, 2019

*my own 2yr anniversary is just a few weeks away.

nwfan | December 26, 2019

Wow. You do get the most out of yr 3. You’ve got 10x the mileage I have on my 3 Vin 832x.

bigroccrek | December 26, 2019

@vmulla Why would you be surprised at the 100% SOC range? This has happened to most cars since 2019.32.10.1 and has been well documented on these forums. Mine, received 9/30/2018 AWP LR AP/FSD 100% SOC 294 miles.

bigroccrek | December 26, 2019


PhillyGal | December 26, 2019


Did you have to request the HW3 appointment or did Tesla reach out? I bought the FSD upgrade last time the price dipped for my Feb 2018 Model 3 but not sure how/when to get the hardware upgrade. I haven't actually asked anyone.

nwfan | December 26, 2019

PG my local SC personnel said Tesla would be reaching out to owners when the kits arrive. He said they are being ship out vin specific. I’m waiting to upgrade both cars. Purchased FSD during the 2k fire sale in Mar.

PhillyGal | December 26, 2019

@nwfan - Thanks! I forget when we purchased but I think it was a few months after $2k because I think I kicked myself a lot then bought at some other amount that I knew would never be lower. My memory sucks... unless you need the song lyrics to some obscure one hit wonder, then I'm your gal.

Big_Ed | December 26, 2019

That is a lot of driving

charles.a.braun | December 26, 2019

@PhillyGal I made the appointment myself. I half expect it to be cancelled before next Friday but we will see. So far I am still on the books and I have exchanged text messages with the SC about I'm the appointment and they have not given any indication that they will not be able to do the work.

vmulla | December 26, 2019

Let me first say these are impressive numbers as far as battery health is concerned. I'm surprised at what @Charles reported at 72K, that's typically 6yrs of driving and he’s still seeing almost 300miles.

rxlawdude | December 26, 2019

We got our M3 (identical to charles' - red, fully loaded except aero wheels) with a 00138x VIN on 12/28/17.

Have never had any reliability issues (as in not being able to drive normally), but a few irritating glitches on delivery: trim piece damaged and the windshield seemed to have thousands of pits in it. Trim replaced, windshield was polished (diagnosis: paint overspray). A couple of issues with infotainment systems, all resolved with software updates or "deep resets" of specific hardware modules.

47K miles, and closer to warranty expiration with upcoming road trip.

vmulla | December 26, 2019

@rxlawdude, @charles.a.braun,
Sharing my voice to the early owners who had excellent car as far as drivability, and reliability goes. I too had many early issues, all minor.

I want to stress that the cars have improved since 2yrs ago. Good thing is Tesla improved the cars based on info from early VIN cars.

nwfan | December 27, 2019

Let me echo the others. Another early M3 owner. Haven't been to a service center in over
19 months. After the early issues that most of us had and Tesla corrected my 3 has turned into
a great car. I almost sold and ordered a performance Model 3. But financially it would of been a
stupid move. Glad I didn't. I hope to reach the 1 million mile club with @charles.a.braun someday.

I'll sell or trade in my Model S for CT in a couple of years.

PhillyGal | December 27, 2019

Echo the early owner experiences. VIN 5XXX here...

My car is glitchy as hell with the weirdest little nuisance items but have had zero reliability or drivability issues. I'm super confident that the cars rolling off now - or that have been for at least a year - are damn near perfect.

Recent software seems to have fixed my biggest complaint which is that my car didn't always lock when I walked away. Now I have issues so tiny I haven't bothered with service: mirrors don't always both unfold when I drive away; I seem to lose base in my speakers for a couple seconds randomly; despite following all directions I can't get my phone's calendar to sync.

Looking forward to MCU 3!

billtphotoman | December 27, 2019

Excellent review and thanks for being one of the early model 3 adopters. My own 2 year anniversary is 9/19. There is no way I will be at 73K+ miles by then but once I retire and start driving around the country more I might gain on you a bit.

rdh37 | December 27, 2019

Coming up on 1 year anniversary. Should have 14 or 15 k on it by then. Love my 3 and the latest update is pretty awesome. Have a nice day.

coselectric | December 27, 2019

@PhillyGal, the bass dropout thing isn't due to your early run vehicle. Mine is VIN 107xxx, Sep '18 build, and that started happening a month or two ago with one of the updates, can't remember which. It's gotta be a software bug that affects everyone but most people probably don't notice. I've had the mirror not unfolding thing a few times last summer too but seems to have gone away recently.

Look on the bright side, your VIN 5xxx series vehicle probably has more frame welds than the newer vehicles.

PhillyGal | December 27, 2019

@coselectric - Thanks for the input! I'm glad to know the speaker issue is known and will likely be resolved through a future update.

agegamon | December 27, 2019

VIN 00045X here:

OP, how did you get the FSD computer upgrade scheduled that quickly??

RJMIII | December 27, 2019

@vmulla I know you are in the NoVA area (I saw your car in the Harris Teeter parking lot just after you received it). I am about eight months behind you on delivery. Have you been contacted by the Tyson’s service center about hw3?

Elusivejeep | December 27, 2019

VIN 0013xxx
milage: 32750
issues: when new, the screen connector was loose and gltichy. replaced and fixed. glove box door didnt stay shut...ranger fixed. several weird glitches that either healed themselves or were fixed by updates.
NOA is getting impressive on the highway. even with my 2.5 computer.

vmulla | December 27, 2019

That was a wonderful day for me, thanks for being a part of it :) I hope seeing my car helped you firm up your decision on your own car. I've talked to a lot of people that day at our meet-up and do not recall everything, were you one of the people who did a deep-dive quality check on the car? 6 people gave me notes on everything that could be considered an issue with my car. The car was near perfect at delivery, and the little things we found were totally passable. Best-darned feedback on the car anyone can hope for.

AND most importantly, I think the quality of the car has improved A LOT

I find it very hard to balance my point of view on this forum when discussing issues with Model 3. The quality of the car is very good and improving, but it is not flawless - I know *some* reports from owners are real, I think it is ok to acknowledge those issues questioning the motives of people who report them.

Finally, I did not order FSD for my Model 3. I'm happy with EAP for now, and I used that budget to reserve a Model Y instead.

charles.a.braun | December 27, 2019

@agegamon - I just made an appointment. Did that a couple weeks ago.

I still half expect to get a text message or phone call a day or 2 prior that says they need to cancel.


About 30 minutes ago I got a text saying "Your appointment is ready and scheduled for 2020-01-03 at 08:00:00. Please take a moment to review your estimate in the Tesla app. Charges covered under warranty will be waived. Approving your estimate ahead of time speeds up your appointment.Reply "STOP" to stop updates. Msg & Data rates may apply."

So maybe it really will happen.

rxlawdude | December 27, 2019

@charles, you're 17 days ahead of me. You're my canary in a coal mine. :-)

RJMIII | December 27, 2019

My wife and I were one of the first two people to arrive. My car is also blue but I have the 19” wheels. I had already reserved when I saw yours but was just excited to see the car in person. Thank you for the generous opportunity.

I’m almost 40k miles in and I have had almost no issues. Other than a rocker arm that was replaced under warranty. I’m even still on my first set of tires with a fair amount of tread left.

I think most complaints are just due to the differences in people’s expectations.