Self Install Homelink

Self Install Homelink

I can buy a Homelink module off of a 19 Model 3 that should be identical to the module that is put in my 20 model 3. I have the capability to install and program the module to my garage door. My question is will the car recognize the module or does the car have to be activated by Tesla to see it?

Magic 8 Ball | December 26, 2019

Ask Tesla. Strangers on the web are not reliable sources.

apodbdrs | December 26, 2019

Tesla mobile ranger installed my at no cost when I bought it at the Tesla store. I just scheduled an appointment on my phone app.

Sarah R | December 26, 2019

@apod crucial discriminant: You bought yours at the Tesla store.

apodbdrs | December 26, 2019

Reason was I don't to void any warranties, get the correct garage door/gate opener for the Model 3. The home link total with tax was about $325.

kaffine | December 26, 2019


Did you happen to watch the tech to know if he only installed the hardware or did he have to make changes to the software to get it to work?

apodbdrs | December 27, 2019

@kaffine, yes I did watch the tech install the hardware. He removed panels on top and pan inside the front trunk. He spent quite of bit of time in front driver wheel well. I don't remember him removing the tire, but probably the transmitter is there. I will have to check to see what's there. My thoughts are that the Homelink, other than 12V power is a wireless device that can be connected car's via car's home link settings.