Anyone following this Ghosn story? Its like a dramatic movie

Anyone following this Ghosn story? Its like a dramatic movie

Is the ICE industry out to get this man, are the charges legit? Is Japan backing hydrogen and ICE vehicles and against EV? Maybe I am just being a conspiracy nut on this or ?

johncrab | January 2, 2020

I have followed him for years. Nissan was a massive management mess before he took over but somehow they managed to build good cars. He took over and Nissan quality went to hell. Mashing Nissan and Renault together is something from a movie script involving Vincent Price. The man is a nut.

FactDoc | January 2, 2020

Isn’t he the worse that capitalism has to offer?

sbeggs | January 2, 2020

Going, goin', Ghosn!

FactDoc | January 2, 2020

One day there will be a movie about this | January 3, 2020

Never impressed with Ghosn, but I also suspect he would never get a fair trial in Japan. With Nissan execs working to oust him, I suspect facts have been fabricated. I doubt we'll ever know the entire truth.

Mike83 | January 6, 2020

Quite an escape. An Ex-Green Beret involvement makes for one hell of a story. This will most likely be a movie.

rxlawdude | January 6, 2020

I guess he's ghosn Japan now.

PrescottRichard | January 7, 2020

Here’s some catnip for y’all. You thought Elon was the EV visionary? Wrong.

I can’t bring myself to read that article. Maybe there can be two visionaries?

jimglas | January 7, 2020

the world is a big place
It can handle more than one EV visionary

TranzNDance | January 7, 2020

How does one reconcile "In 2011, Ghosn predicted that by 2020, electric cars would make up 10% of the global market" and the unappealing appearances of the vehicles that were offered? I know it's subjective and there are people who sincerely like quirky EVs because they don't look good to the masses that they wanted to eschew.

Imagine the percent of the global market if the Model 3 were available 10 years ago at the current price. I guess we'll see in ten years.

Earl and Nagin ... | January 7, 2020

I’ve been meaning to share my recollection of the history of Ghosn and his extremely positive influence on EVs with this forum.
Ghosn, then in charge of Renault, met with Shai Agassi, a charismatic and visionary Israeli entrepreneur. Agassi had seen EVs as a great solution for Israel - a middle eastern country with no native supply of oil and a lot of oil producers who hate them. Agassi believed that battery swapping was the key to EV viability and started a company “A Better Place” to offer a network of battery swap stations that he envisioned to be like gas stations. He envisioned “A Better Place” to have a worldwide footprint as well as an initial one in Israel
I assume that Agassi’s message probably resonated with Ghosn, who is a native of Lebanon - another oil-less middle eastern country.
This was an EV vision and initiative that was independent of the Hughes+GM+AeroVironment -> AC Propulsion -> Tesla’s Eberhardt/Tarpenning -> Tesla’s Musk initiative.
Ghosn, launched an EV development initiative within Renault to use Ghosn’s stations. When Nissan and Renault merged, Ghosn, found himself still at the top and launched the Leaf/Zoe development. Nissan/Renault’s muscle enabled them to launch an early, affordable EV in contrast to Tesla’s need to go high-end as a venture-funded startup.“A Better Place” died like so many other EV projects that missed key aspects.
I have no knowledge about what Ghosn did or did not do.
However, I can’t help but believe that, perhaps, the ICE anti-bodies within Nissan (divisions responsible for power plant, power train, fuels, lubrication, emissions, etc) as well as the unpopularity of a non-Japanese CEO made Ghosn highly unpopular and a possibly a target by most within the organization. I always wondered how long he would last in this organization.

Earl and Nagin ... | January 7, 2020

I should add that the above started in the early 2000's.

Mike83 | January 8, 2020
Mike83 | January 8, 2020

I won't post my opinion but I can't help but recall the following;

and Japan's support of Mirai(means future in Japanese) which has fossil fuel influences.

jimglas | January 8, 2020

if you worry about "battery fires"
Imagine if a hydrogen car has a fire
Maybe one of the models can be hindenburg

Earl and Nagin ... | January 8, 2020

The nice thing about a hydrogen fire is that a hydrogen fire is invisible. You'll just see the car melt into a pool of slag.
(sure, we may see the paint and plastic burning like we saw the skin and diesel fuel burning in the famous Hindenberg photos).

Mike83 | January 9, 2020

The story develops in an awkward way. I agree with E and N that we may never know the truth but much has been revealed.

I started looking at hydrogen dangers long ago. Here is one link: