Tesmanian Floor Mats

Tesmanian Floor Mats

I am a recent proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 performance as of Dec 30, 2019.
I have been doing some research on floor mats and was leaning toward the Maxpider (better aesthetics) or the Tuxmats (more coverage). There where a lot of videos on these mats so I felt pretty comfortable with either of them.
However, I recently came across Tesmanian Floormats which did not have a lot of videos for reference however are quite appealing do to its cost. I am curious if anyone has purchased the Tesmanian Floormats and provide feedback.

Thanks in advance

sbeggs | January 6, 2020

No, never heard of them. But they are probably devilishly hard to clean.

Ross1 | January 6, 2020

hohoho, I think he got the name wrong.

Ross1 | January 6, 2020

Hugh Hefner by all accounts had a Tasmanian possum skin bedcover on the Playboy plane back in the day.

pabrown00 | January 8, 2020

LOL. Sorry for the typo.

jwferrara | January 8, 2020

I got my Perf Model 3 delivered in Chicago last September and immediately purchased the Maxpider's for the horrid winters. After 15 months of use I've been thrilled with them and actually get my brother the same set. The high lip around the door edges is incredible and they fit like a glove...I would go with them.

JJBMPK | January 9, 2020

I got the Tesmanian Trunk Mat after watching that YouTube video of the guy pouring 5 gallons of water on it. I like it. I want the floor mats but hate the logo so I haven’t pulled the trigger.

mtapes | January 10, 2020

The logo pulls right off. I now like these the best of the others that I have tried. At first I found them too slippery for my feet, but that coating goes away after a few days. I like them a lot. I just got them for the front and back seats. I am using Tesla brand for the 2 trunks.

derotam | January 10, 2020

Those look like rebranded WeatherTech made mats.

Pg3ibew | January 10, 2020

I have 2 questions.
1. What is wrong with the Tesla Rubber mats?
2. I bought the Tesla carpet mats. Why does everryone want the rubber mats?

neylus | January 10, 2020

Not to hijack but has anyone tried the cooler in the model 3 Frunk? Some of the reviews claim units too large even though it is being sold as a Frunk cooler. I rarely use the Frunk so having a fitted cooler up there would be pretty sweet.

firerising42 | January 10, 2020

The all weather mats from Tesla model 3 suck!!!!
To be precise, they are generally fantastic, BUT the drivers side upper left corner is too short. It doesn’t cover the entire foot rest area. It comes up half way. WTF. Ridiculous. Now I have to package back up and return and find something else. Another place Tesla cheaped out for the model 3. So disappointing.

Varricks | January 10, 2020

Only negative I see about the Tesmanians is the ribbing. Makes using a crumb brush/dustpan a devilish task. And anyone who's bothered by the 3D label might be moved to violence by the garish signage on the Teseses.

pabrown00 | January 27, 2020

Thank you for the feedback. I decided to purchase the Taptes Mat -

Varricks | January 27, 2020

I wound up with a set of the Taptes as well. They're working just fine, plus if they ever wear out, it won't hurt much to replace them. The 3D mats are a bit thicker and more "finished" feeling, but I don't see the aesthetics affecting the utility.

Big_Ed | January 27, 2020

the drivers side upper left corner is too short. It doesn’t cover the entire foot rest area
I believe they slightly changed the M3 interior design for the 2020 model year. Prior years had a plastic cover on the dead pedal. Sometime in Oct they changed to carpet. Looks like the floormat design has not caught up yet. Irks me too but I kept the mats as they are otherwise very nice.