Are the P and LR essentially the same?

Are the P and LR essentially the same?

Are the 2019 AWD P and LR essentially the same vehicle? Is the difference in the range purely down to the tires?

If both cars had the same tires and were driven identically would the range be the same?

jdcollins5 | January 10, 2020

AWD P is a motor configuration and LR is a battery capacity. Two different things.

The AWD P is All Wheel Drive with dual motors and performance options. The different motor configurations are RWD, AWD and Performance. The RWD and AWD have a 322 mile advertised range and Performance is 310, with a LR=Long Range battery.

The other battery configurations are SR=Standard Range and SR+. These have advertised range miles of 240 and 260 respectively.

coleAK | January 10, 2020

If you are asking is the rated range difference between LR AWD and Performance the 20” with Michelin pilot tires. Yes it’s the tires.

So A LR AWD with the P 20” wheel/tire would have the same rated range as a performance and a performance with the 18” aero and MXM4 tire would have the same rated range as a LR AWD.

Techy James | January 10, 2020

@jdcollins5 There is a slight difference in the AWD P and AWD. The AWD P has the same rear motor that the LR RWD used to have that has slightly more power in the rear motor than the two identical motors of the AWD without the Performance.
This is why the AWD with the performance upgrade don't get same 0-60 as the AWD P (even stealth mode variant).

Techy James | January 10, 2020

This brings up another good question. Does the Model 3 Stealth P model get same range as the AWD or is it some variant between the AWD and AWD P. The question is based on the fact the M3 Stealth P has the same Power and performance rating as the AWD P but has 18" Aero wheel which is suppose to increase range by about 5% versus the 18" wheels without the Aero covers.

lbowroom | January 10, 2020

If you accelerate the same with the same wheel and tire package, yes, they are the same

Patronus | January 10, 2020

Another way of asking this is: is the range of the LR AWD and Stealth the same. I am not sure, but I believe so.