Damaged front bumper lip

Damaged front bumper lip

Was driving this morning and a decent object struck the front bumper lip of my model 3. It punctured my clear bra in 3 spots. One went down to the paint. Was thinking about purchasing a bumper lip to cover it rather than have it fixed. Ebay has some decent priced ones but want to make sure it fits right and isn’t cheap looking. Has anyone installed something like this on their model 3:

andrewsjra | January 10, 2020

I decided to use touch up paint since the clear bra tore and was exposed. Doesn’t look too bad unless you look right at it closely. Good enough for now.

FISHEV | January 10, 2020

"One went down to the paint."

$1,800 to fix, just had it done for a small four inch scratch that went to the paint. I figured I should get it fixed no vs. waiting until I sell it.

The did the bumper repair and repaint in a day, dropped off Monday at 2PM and picked it up Thursday AM. No parts needed just cosmetic fix. Have to wait 30 days to redo PPF and ceramic.

FISHEV | January 10, 2020

Part of the problem with scraping the lip is that front proximity doesn't seem to be aligned with the lower lip. it said 12" to go this AM and the lip was actually right above the curb.

Magic 8 Ball | January 10, 2020

There is nt reason the front proximity should be aligned with lower lip. Front proximity is not for detecting curbs that could damage lip. I have not had a car yet, with bumper sensors, be able to detect curbs that could scrape the bottom of the car.

-TheJohn- | January 10, 2020

I wish the proximity sensors did take the lip into account.

I was in Wickenberg Az the other month and did my first bit of non micro scratch damage to our poor girl when I gently hit said lip on a parking blocks rebar that was sticking out 3-4 inches from the top of the block. Put a perfect 2mm deep rounded indentation into it. I was mad at myself and have gone back to paranoia and park feet from said blocks and thus am annoying others :P

M3phan | January 10, 2020

To me that eBay bumper lip kit looks cheap in the picture so would prob look cheap irl.

andrewsjra | January 10, 2020

Yeah I’m just going to leave it as is. The touch up paint looks decent. Glad that it’s lower and no on the upper bumper where it would be more noticeable.