My battery died.

My battery died.

Dropped off the 2009 Explorer for an $89 dollar oil change, went to pick it up and click click click...
That after "multipoint" inspection showed good battery but second check, while I watched, showed battery with low charge. Message on the tool: Check again when charged, LoL. Battery was 5 years old so due and happy it happened there and not at home.

$168 for new battery on on the road again until next oil change (I am sure more things will be wrong then too).
Less than 60K on ODO and same firmware that came with the car in 2009 ; (.

Nice talk with weekend service manager about many things. The biggest issue they are seeing with all the cars is mice eating wires. He says insurance is good at covering but a it is a big issue. They are calling the new 4 door 'stang an SUV and their store has 40 deposits.

KLemMer | January 18, 2020

Wrong forum?

Lonestar10_1999 | January 18, 2020

It would be great if a dead battery in an M3 could be replaced with a brand new one for $168. That’s why the battery warranty is so important.

Magic 8 Ball | January 18, 2020

Just having a little fun with some clickbait of my own.
There is a lot of recycling going on so...

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | January 18, 2020

Cool story bro.

Magic 8 Ball | January 18, 2020

I have so much to tell you...

Magic 8 Ball | January 18, 2020

A Fish, an Eagle, and an elf are sharing the same cab.

Fish blurts out: "You're a troll"
Eagle blurts out: "You're a troll"
Elf blurts out: "You're idiots"

Which one is correct?

Fuzzball | January 18, 2020

The Monkey

Big_Ed | January 18, 2020

I own several 2013 Explorer Police Interceptors for business purposes. Left one sitting for a few months in a remote location and the battery died. When my guys jump started it yesterday, all the icons were flashing and the engine ran really rough. Barely made it 2 miles to the dealership. They had to reload the PCM software, then everything was great. Cost me $400.

Orthopod | January 18, 2020

Those acid batteries
They need more hydrochloride acid

Tronguy | January 18, 2020

Um. Sulfuric. At least on lead-acid.

Orthopod | January 18, 2020

Sulfuric batterie dies
Hydrochloride don’t die, because they don’t work

Varricks | January 18, 2020

$168 for a forty-dollar battery.

The Collapse proceeds apace.

My ICE (CR-Z, so at least it's trying) uses a little toy tractor battery for its 12V. Like the question about why we need more than six sizes of bolts on a car, I still wonder why the Group 24 isn't enough battery for all cars.

edhchoe | January 18, 2020

I burnt my motor by gearing it too high.
I made 3 laps before the motor gave in during a qualifying run of my RC car racing in stock motor class.

Magic 8 Ball | January 19, 2020

"$168 for a forty-dollar battery."

Depends on how you look at it. I could have just let them jump start me and then I could have taken my chances that I could have gotten to a place that could sell me a cheaper battery but that would have been a gamble and would have taken time. The convenience of being able to get it done right then and there was worth any extra it might have cost me. Local "competitive" prices are about $120 for what I got.

h2ev | January 19, 2020

C'mon, you should've made them replace it for you on their dime. I mean if something like this happened to a Tesla while the car is in Tesla's possession, it would've been Tesla's responsibility right?


I too had sticker shock when I last had to replace a car battery. Haven't had to in ages. In the end, I went with factory OEM as it was only a $20 difference from buying from Pepboys. Lexus warranty on replacement 12v battery is 84 months. The original battery that came with the car died at month 86. Do they know what they're doing or what.

Pg3ibew | January 19, 2020

89 dollar oil change? With NYC electrical rates, that is 356 KwH of charging!!!

Pg3ibew | January 19, 2020

168 dollar Battery??? Woah, do the math in that for NYC Kwh!!!

That is 672 kwh!!! For me anyway

Magic 8 Ball | January 19, 2020

Yup, I do trust my dealer. Last time I tried a lube place the guy, while under the car, managed to make a perfectly fine A/C system blow hot air and then charge me a bunch of money to "recharge" my A/C. One of the huge hidden values of the Tesla is to not have to deal with Jiffy Lube, Aamco, Midas, etc.

WW_spb | January 19, 2020

My friends one year old battery died. He went to Walmart and exchanged it for new one. The end

Magic 8 Ball | January 19, 2020

Did he have to go to the store or did they send out a ranger?

ODWms | January 20, 2020

$120-180s or so seems to be a pretty common price range for a 12v battery nowadays. I cannot imagine where one would find a battery for $40, even a bottom of the barrel one.

andy.connor.e | January 20, 2020

Never paid more than $100 for a battery. Always lasted more than 5 years. Maybe because its a Ford.

WW_spb | January 20, 2020

Since he owns old Lexus no ranger was send ))

rtanov | January 20, 2020

Expect this to reach the headlines in the form of "A Tesla Model 3 Owner with a Dead Battery" :-)