2 Features I'd like to see added to the car. I have a model 3 performance.

1. An alert that tells me I'm leaving the phone in the car when I open the drivers side door. Because I use my phone as the key, if I'm charging my phone or otherwise forget and leave it in the car, I'm leaving the car unlocked and it can easily be stolen. FYI - my Audi Q8 has this feature and I don't even use my phone as the key with it. I guess it knows my phone is charging and when I open the door a voice says "you are leaving your phone in the car".

2. A mileage Tracker feature for business vs personal miles. It would be great if I could push a button on the screen to start recording mileage and where I'm going when I'm using the car for business. It would be nice if this feature was smart and started recognize business trips. I could then email or text a log to myself that I could use for tax purposes. FYI this is in the it would be nice column, #1 above is much more of a priority.


jordanrichard | February 9, 2020

How would the car know the difference between you leaving your phone in the car vs it being in your hand?

I don’t know about the Model 3 but the S and X have 2 trip counters at your disposal.